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Google Goggles: The World is Your Hyperlink

Search experts are coming away from Google’s Search Event, held on December 7th in Mountain View, CA, with two words on their lips: “exciting” and “scary.” Both words aptly describe the most buzz-worthy new product to be unveiled at the event: Google Goggles. In classic Google fashion, there is a friendly video overview of Google […]

Why I’m Not Worried About the FTC

If you’re a blogger, or even read blogs, then you’re aware of the new FTC requirements which compel bloggers to disclose any “material connections” with advertisers or face fines up to $11,000. This primarily concerns testimonials and reviews in which bloggers are compensated – either monetarily or with “freebies.” Unsurprisingly, the blogosphere has erupted with […]

Skip Dry Corporate Language if You Want to Instill Confidence in Your Readers

Last weekend, I flew Southwest Airlines for the first time. What really struck me about the trip, aside from the several hour delay,  was the tone of the Southwest staff. Here’s a quick sample from the flight attendant’s safety presentation: “At this time, please pretend to pay attention as we go over the safety features […]

Defeat the Doppelgangers: Important steps towards making your good name Google friendly

You may be the preeminent web consultant in Phoenix, Arizona, but with a name like Steve Stevenson or John Jackson, it’s going to be difficult to be found when employers and prospective clients go a-Googling for you. Even with Google’s regional results helping you along, chances are that numerous similarly named individuals will show up […]