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Jamie E. Birch is the owner and principal of JEBCommerce. Almost ten years ago, he began as a Search Engine Guru and has extensive experience in all aspects of Internet Marketing, specializing in Affiliate Marketing Management. Excelling at performance marketing initiatives at several national, publicly traded retailers and online service providers, Jamie’s work has expanded and evolved. Today, it includes all facets of online marketing: email projects, paid search campaigns, customer retention programs and more. His clients range from Zappos to Jamie also blogs at You can find Jamie on Twitter:@JamieEBirch.

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How Can Affiliates and Online Marketers Use Twitter

It was a lot of fun exploring Twitter the last two weeks and setting up our Affiliate Tweets. In my previous blog I alluded to having a few ideas I had rolling around my head about how affiliates and online marketers could use this platform in their marketing and brand management. Critics have come out […]

Using Twitter in Affiliate Management

One of the biggest issues facing affiliate managers is how to effectively communicate with affiliates and I’ve heard from several of them that they struggle to manage all the information coming at them from their partners. I’ve already written a little bit about it here. We do the standard affiliate newsletters, contact affiliates via IM […]

Why Should More Merchants Attend the Affiliate Summit?

Each Affiliate Summit seems to be better and more well attended then the last. More vendors, more affiliates and more merchants, but it always seems that the large, multi channel retail merchants are represented less than their counterparts. Why, I am not that sure. I remember the first affiliate conference that I heard of years […]

More than Brand Links and Logos

Wow, what an amazingly crazy fourth quarter that was. I think I slept about an hour a night, and not just because of my newborn baby girl. It always seems like the 4th quarter is so far away during the year and then out of now where it is here and gone. I hope everyone […]

Comments Off on and MSN, a new partnership is formed. and MSN, a new partnership is formed.

In this industry, many of us have gone from one side of the fence to the other, affiliate manager to affiliate and vice versa. JP Werlin of is no different. A year or so ago he started and recently they announced a partnership that is raising the heart rates, and forecasts, of more […]

What I learned from Redbook

It’s not often you’ll find me flipping through my wife’s Redbook magazine, and even fewer times you’ll hear me admit to it. But this weekend I found myself browsing this magazine trying to kill some time during the long weekend. I came across an article titled “Should you DUMP him?” Always wanting to head off […]

What to include in your affiliate newsletter.

The affiliate newsletter is a staple in almost every affiliate program’s management arsenal. It is sometimes the only means of communication and the only way for affiliates to receive updated information from merchants. But as I stated in a previous post, there are just so many merchant newsletters one can read during the work week. […]

Affiliates, how do you read all those emails?

400-500, that is the number of emails I have been told a typical affiliate may expect to have in his/her inbox at any given time. I manage over 10 different email accounts and I don’t see that many. How does an affiliate possibly manage that number of emails? I honestly don’t know. How many folders […]

Launching and Relaunching Affiliate Programs.

The life of an interactive agency can be chaotic at times. Through the course of business from month to month, you tend to launch or relaunch affiliate programs often as you bring on new clients. Since I am spending a good deal of time with two new clients this month, I thought it would be […]

Google’s Printable Coupons

Google to Distribute Discount Coupons I read that headline this morning and was surprised that no one had blogged about it yet. Maybe I missed the boat but I just saw this this morning on Google is working with Valpak, the company that has been sending coupons to your mail box for years, to […]