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Jason Wells is the CEO of ContactPoint. Their flagship product, LogMyCalls, provides inexpensive tools for businesses seeking to optimize marketing, lead quality and minimize lost leads. These tools—phone call tracking, call recording, mobile marketing automation and call performance scoring—allow businesses to determine which advertising methods are effective and improve their ability to secure business over the phone. Prior to leading ContactPoint, Jason was Senior VP for Sony Pictures Television where he led the creation and international expansion of the mobile business line from London. For more information, visit or call 866-811-8880.

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Lead Gen: What Pay-Per-Call Still Lacks in 2012

At LeadsCon this summer the buzz was about pay-per-call. It seems the mobile boom is finally starting to hit the lead gen industry and everyone—marketers, lead aggregators, affiliates, and lead buyers—is now trying to figure out how to monetize, optimize and maximize phone calls. Pay-Per-Call: The Basics We’ll use the most basic example of pay-per-call, […]

Mobile Click-to-Call: Why You Need a Trackable Number for Real Results

For testing purposes, we recently started conducting some click-to-call campaigns for multiple call tracking clients. One very interesting test was with a Holiday Inn Express in Utah. Let me explain what we did and why the results could matter to you. What is Mobile Click-To-Call Mobile click-to-call is an ad that appears on a smart phone […]

What You Need to Know About Mobile Search

Mobile Search

I’ve spoken and written about mobile marketing a lot lately on our blog, BlogMyCalls, and I find that one of the biggest mistakes marketers make is not paying attention to mobile search. Hopefully this article will change that. By the end of 2013 mobile Internet usage will surpass desktop Internet usage. At the same time […]

5 Ways to Increase Landing Page Conversions

Landing Page Optimization

In my last post I talked about marketers that fail to track phone calls and social media ROI. They track online conversion rates fastidiously, but then they stare at you blankly when you ask how many calls their marketing generates, or when you ask them about social media ROI. My goal today is to lay […]

What Marketers Fail to Measure

Marketers are obsessed with measuring. They track unique visits, referral sources, abandon rate, conversion rate, click-through-rate, open-rate, geography of people visiting a web site and more fun stats. Marketers consistently seek to measure and refine, measure and refine, measure and refine, measure and refine. That’s the focus. But, here’s the problem:  some marketers aren’t measuring […]

7 Vital Rules of Landing Page Optimization

Landing Page Optimization

As a marketing analytics company (and a company that depends on getting web leads ourselves) we’ve experimented with our own landing pages and have tracked the effectiveness of landing pages for other companies. And along the way we’ve learned a few things. There are seven vital rules to landing page optimization that can increase your […]

Can Customers Find You? How Mobile Search Leads to Local Results

Mobile Search

We should be clear: mobile search and local search are not the same things. It is critical to understand, however, that the vast majority of searches done on mobile phones produce local results first. Google dominates roughly 98 percent of the mobile search market. (Yes, that qualifies as domination). And Google clearly favors returning local results first on a smartphone. Their assumption is simple and usually accurate. People are looking for products immediately and products near them.