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Jeff Molander is the authority on making social media sell and corporate trainer to small businesses and global corporations like IBM and Brazil’s energy company, Petrobras. He’s an accomplished entrepreneur, having co-founded what is today the Google Affiliate Network. He’s adjunct digital marketing professor at Loyola University’s school of business and author of Off the Hook Marketing: How to Make Social Media Sell for You.


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Provoke a Response: How Successful Content Marketers Get Results

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“Marketers are publishers,” proclaim content marketing experts. But creating sales with blogs, video and other content still remains elusive for most of us. That’s because most content ends up creating lots of sharing activity at best. Yet I’ve been using platforms like LinkedIn and blogging to generate actions that can be tracked back directly to […]

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Prove it or Lose it: Branding is Not Enough to Make the Sale

“Well, we didn’t get nearly the number of leads we wanted to from our Facebook page this quarter, but at least we got some good branding out of it.” Sound familiar? Sound like an excuse? If you want to make social media sell for you, take action on this harsh truth: Branding is rarely executed […]

Spice Up Your Content Marketing with Proven Direct Response Tactics

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Engaging content drives sales, right? Actually, no, and it’s a dangerous myth. In reality even the most engaging blogs, YouTube videos, Facebook timelines, or LinkedIn discussions fail to produce leads and sales. Does your business engage customers and create profitless prosperity? In other words, are you creating impressive marketing statistics that don’t ultimately help generate […]

3 Things That Always Create Sales with Social Marketing

Businesses actually acquiring customers and selling their products and services using Facebook, blogs, YouTube, Twitter, and LinkedIn know something most of us don’t. The difference between wasting time by getting bogged-down in social media marketing tactics versus selling with it is knowing “what works.” As it turns out, the key to success still requires proven, traditional direct response marketing practices—not shiny new tools and techniques.

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What Do Dieting and Social Media Marketing Have in Common?

What Do Dieting and Social Media Marketing Have in Common? Stop the Insanity! “It’s official. It’s now impossible to keep up with the irrelevant data, false claims, illogical conclusions, and plain bad journalism associated with positive claims about social media,” says Robert Bacal, CEO of Bacal and Associates. It’s hard to not feel just like […]

The Social Media Revolution Was A Lie: Here’s What to do Next

Social media’s “game-changing” ability is so overstated and sensationalized that what you’re doing with it, right now, is probably working against your interests. How can this be? There is no money in your knowing the truth: The Social Media Revolution is a lie. Need proof? Look around. Where’s the revolution in your business? People actually acquiring customers and selling using Facebook, blogs, YouTube, and LinkedIn know the truth; they know something most of us don’t.

Want to Sell with Social Media? Get Back to Basics

Knowing how to update your Facebook page, write an engaging blog, or create a viral YouTube video is, commercially speaking, worthless without knowing how to make them produce sales. Right? The truth is this: social media’s sudden arrival and instant popularity is causing most corporate marketing managers, executives, and small business owners to lose perspective on the ultimate goal—selling. In this struggling economy, putting bread on the table trumps being most “liked” or highly “engaged with.” Doesn’t it?

Stop Engaging, Start Selling: Get Social Media ROI in 2012

Sales is not a dirty word. Selling on social media does not exclude the idea of having some fun. And no, success is not as easy as being engaging and having personality—stop saying it is! The global economy and financial markets are about to collapse, jobs are scarce, and consumer spending remains weak. Enter the […]

3 Reasons to Not Outsource Your Blog

Thinking about outsourcing your blogging to a third party? Think twice. Effective blogging and content marketing strategies should not be outsourced. You may be struggling to create a constant stream of content that effectively generates leads and sales. But you want to keep that very strategic process in house, within your control. Here’s why. Most […]

Chasing After Influence: A Social Media Trap or the Holy Grail?

Influence—it’s what social media gurus (and affiliate marketing experts) say your company should be pursuing (or what you should be paying attention to). We’re told “influencing the influencers” is the Holy Grail—the key to unlocking success and social media is in the thick of it. But might all the hype about influencers be a trap? […]