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Main Street Is Sexy, Nexus Is Not: Reasons Affiliates Should Rebrand The Argument

We’re losing. Another state, Illinois, drops legislation that threatens the lives of affiliate marketers. Who’s next? Texas? My state of Ohio? Then another, and another. Do you see this being stopped? I don’t. Here’s why we’re losing. Because not enough people either: A. Know about it B. Understand it C. Care about it That’s the […]

Our Love/Hate Relationship with Gurus

You wanted it faster, cheaper and more of it. You bought into the lifestyle dream. You believed (and still do) that you could make millions without working by buying a $2,000 product. Maybe you’re to blame? Maybe, just maybe…

Five Marketing Lessons You Can Learn From 5 Hour Energy Drink

Did you know that 4.6 Million bottles of the 5 Hour Energy Drink are sold each week in the USA alone? According to The New York Times, Bill Pecoriello, chief executive of Consumer Edge Research, estimated that energy shot sales could reach $700 million this year, nearly double last year’s $370 million. Today, 5-Hour Energy accounts for about 80 percent of the rapidly expanding market.

Online Video Converts! What’s Your Strategy? Do You Have One?

Haven’t heard the news yet? Online video converts, and I mean BIG TIME! Check out this chart and link from the Wall Street Journal. So first look at the left pie chart on the left. 59% of the people surveyed admitted to having seen a video on the Internet. Not sure what planet the “I […]

Rachel Honoway Gets Tenure At

I got my standard nightly Google news alert for “affiliate marketing”, and when I scanned it I saw this press release… Affiliate Classroom Names Rachel Honoway VP of Marketing. COLLEGE PARK, Md., Oct. 31 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — The Affiliate Classroom, a leading publisher of educational tools for the interactive advertising industry, has hired affiliate marketing veteran […]

Google Pagerank Updates Too Harsh?

“It’s Google’s Web — we’re just living in it.” – Mathew Ingram. The facts: Pagerank has dropped for a lot of websites today. The questions: Did some sites drop because they were selling text links? Did other sites who weren’t selling text links get affected just as a swiping general reduction? Does pagerank really even […]

A B2B Service Provider Walks Into My Office…

He sits down at my desk and says. Jim, I sell online marketing services and I want leads for my business and I’m willing to spend up to $10k a month for those highly-qualified targeted leads. I can’t afford to do Google PPC because the costs of bids on the top phrases are too high […]

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Affiliate Merchants & Networks – Can I Promote Your Products, Please?

A video of me talking about my frustrations in dealing with affiliate networks and managers.

Around The Turn & Heading Home, My Last Day As Publisher At ReveNews

My first blog entry at ReveNews was on March 1, 2005. Three months later in June 2005 I was officially handed the keys to the ReveNews community car. And I drove it pretty hard that first year. In fact, I don’t think I slept much behind the wheel that first year. So here we are […]

ReveNews Snaps Back Into Action

Can you feel it? Change is again in the air here at ReveNews. Little things, big things, you never know, just keep watching. It may appear as though we’ve been laying low, but appearances can be deceiving. 🙂 Sometimes major things just happen slowly. Today I removed Snap previews, much to the happiness of the […]