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It’s No Secret, Digg Still Hates ReveNews

The Secret List of Sites Banned by Digg tells us what we already knew, which was Digg hates ReveNews. This goes back since last year when Digg decided to ban us for one person’s actions, and has yet to respond to any emails from us asking to be let back in. Ever wonder which sites […]

Google Master Plan Video – Are You Paranoid?

Nice video to feed your paranoia, however, I think it would have been even better with more ominious and sinister music. The music they have now is a bit too ambient? Regardless, it’s worth a watch. Hat tip to MarketingPilgrim.

And The Winner Is… ReveNews $500 Affiliate Summit Contest

The time has come to announce the winner of the $500 ad giveaway. Congratulations to… no way, I’m not saying here, you have to watch the video. Don’t forget, the winner also gets a copy of AffStat ($129.99 value/pdf) and a exhibit hall only pass to the Miami 07 Affiliate Summit ($299). I’m still […]

In Defense Of Snap Previews

Nick Wilson of Performancing and Robert Scoble are a bit cranky these days. First Nick says that Snap Previews is “ruining your readership” and the Scobleizer follows suit. I dunno fellas, I kinda like the Snap. Before we continue, you might know that I have Snap previews running on ReveNews and I like them, and […]

Affiliate Marketers Don’t Wear Suits

Mark Cuban should have been an affiliate marketer. Take a read, the guy hates suits. Exactly what purpose does a suit serve ? Why in the world are so many people required to wear a suit to work ? Do the clothes make the man or woman in the western world today ? Does wearing […]

eBay Pulls All Virtual Goods/Property Auctions

“For the overall health of the marketplace” was the main explanation. In a story from Slashdot. Personally, this is bad news, and yes, I’m one of the people who have actually done a ‘real money transfer’ (RMT), having bought a mmorpg game character online, more than once. More at too. Mr. Hani Durzy, speaking […]

Affiliate Summit Day 3 – Vegas & Back

Answer: 12 minutes. Question: How fast Jim Kukral can run from concourse B to concourse C in Ohare (Chicago) airport to catch a connecting plane back to Cleveland to get home in time to put the kids to bed for the first time in 5 days. I think I’m still breathing heavy from that run, […]

Affiliate Summit Day 2 – This Is One Busy Show

I attempted to do this video direct from the super busy and very loud show floor. However, if you dare to view the video below, you’ll see that it’s not that good. Lesson? Make sure you find a quiet corner to record your videos, or get a mic eh? I’m a video rookie so cut […]

Affiliate Summit Day 1 – Live From Ballys Hotel Room

Alright, this video is choppy (and on tape, not live), yet slighty informative as well. What a combo! Here’s my take and experiences on the first day or so of the Affiliate Summit event. I’ll hopefully survive the evening of gonzo journalism gone wild with Wayne & Sam, if not, someone please come and save […]

Affiliate Summit On ReveNews Day 5: Last Minute Show Notes

This is part of a series entitled ‘The 5 Days of Affiliate Summit Build Up‘. Boy, did this week go fast or what? Most of us are either already on route to Vegas for the Affiliate Summit, or will be arriving Saturday or Sunday. Please travel safe. Myself, I will be arriving Saturday afternoon and […]