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A reluctant blogger, Windows XP guy, Nascar fan and long time affiliate marketer, Jimmy Daniels has been favoring his kids over everything else, as he should be. You can find Jimmy on Twitter: @jdaniels.

Spammers, Botnets, Child Pornography, Oh My

There have been lots and lots of posts around about the FTC shutting down known spam-botnet- child-pornography-hosting provider Triple Fiber Network (, (aka Pricewert LLC, APS Telecom, APX Telecom) yesterday affecting 15,000 websites. The FTC said they were actually advertising their services in the dark underbelly of the internet, hosting vast quantities of illegal, malicious, […]

Interview with a Direct Revenue Programmer

Here is a very interesting interview with one of the programmers for Direct Revenue where he talks about how he uninstalled viruses and adware and how they kept them from doing the same to them. He also talked about how they were slowly able to talk him into doing stuff for them. It was funny. […]

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ValueClick to Pay 2.9 Million for CAN-SPAM Violations

This just in… ValueClick will 2.9 million for CAN-SPAM violations by it’s Hi-Speed Media division, in which they used deceptive advertisements to draw people to their websites. The advertisements promised something for free, such as a free laptop, PS3’s, Plasma TV’s, etc, for completing surveys, or something similar, but when customers arrived, they had to […]

The Google Litmus Test

I guess I should call this the Search Engine Litmus Test, but Google is still the king of search, so we will focus on Google and whether Jason Calacanis, who said affiliates were at the bottom of the food chain, and his Mahalo site should pass the Google Litmus test or not. I remember well […]

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Google and Click Fraud

Nice little point counter point on click fraud from Forbes, they ask Shuman Ghosemajumder from Google a bunch of questions on click fraud and had Tom Cuthbert from Click Forensics rebut them. Such as this little exchange about counting “back clicks”. He talks about “many browsers” reload the webpage when you hit the back button, […]

WSE, Second Life, Stock Exchanges and Accountability

It has been an interesting few days in Second Life, a long few days for Mystik Boucher who broke the news about the WSE being “hacked” by Thurston Hallard, and I am sure they will be looking longer to her now that the WSE has liquidated her companies assets, here is how it started, or […]

How to Stop Botnets, Malware

Just finished reading a couple stories from, one was called Desperate Botnet Battlers Call for an Internet Driver’s License that summed up the Anti-Phishing Working Group’s Counter e-Crime Operations Summit and some of the things they were talking about to stop online fraud problem, such as building government-funded free clinics for infected computers around […]

Once Again, Merchants Paying Commissions on Organic Traffic

I remember when I first go into affiliate marketing and discovered the old CJ forums that blew up and grew into ABestWeb, and then when adware and spyware started overwriting affiliate cookies like there was no tomorrow, we tried and tried to tell merchants that they were paying commissions on sales they shouldn’t be, as […]

Latest Use for Spyware: Inflating Traffic Totals

Adware and malware are not just for hijacking sales anymore, it can help you sell a web property as well. Not directly, of course, but in traffic statistics and the number of unique visitors your website gets. It’s still all about the visitors, I don’t care what people tell you about the page view being […]

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Google’s World Domination

Lots and lots of Google news recently, but today it seems some of the pieces of the puzzle are coming together. Not only have they recently beaten Microsoft in brand recognition, now they have overtaken them as the most visited site, according to comScore Networks, edging them by about a million unique visitors in March. […]