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I'm the CEO of Forge Media Investments Limited and its Online Marketing subsidiaries including the Forge Outsourced Affiliate Program Management & Affiliate Network. I'm more talent scout & ambassador than Business Manager. I do strategy, high level planning & client engagement. I love getting my hands on a project, working with clients to figure out what they need then letting my team get on and do it. I love finding new businesses for us to grow & opportunities for us & our clients to capitalize on. I'm well known in Performance Marketing circles and judging by the fact that I keep getting invited back, seem to be rather an engaging, or at least a passable speaker. I live in Johannesburg with my wife, 2 daughters and assorted pets! I travel relentlessly between our markets in the US, UK and South Africa and consequently my kids often refer to me as stranger ;-( You can find Jonathan on Twitter: @JonathanAtForge .

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When Spam Attacks

Oh my, I finally get it.  I finally know what it feels like to be a consumer inundated with spam. I understand the sense of hopelessness,  frustration and anger that builds and builds until you are just completely overcome with misdirected rage. Now, I’m not new to spam.  Like most online professionals I tolerate, even […]

Recession Proofing Your Affiliate Business

You may think that down in South Africa we’ve been insulated from the effects of the global recession, but affiliate marketers around the world are reeling from the effects of the recession too. In the last 3 months we’ve seen a significantly increased number of US and global affiliate programs either going out of business […]

CJ proposes $1 Million settlement over Malware Class Action

The class action filed against ValueClick subsidiaries and BeFree has taken a new turn with ValueClick proposing a $1,000,000 settlement fund to be distributed to members of the class action suit. The lawsuit was originally filed against CJ after the legal team for the class action determined that CJ allowed software publishers to highjack […]

Affiliate programs are like Marathons

I got carried away watching the Comrades Marathon – a 89 km (56 mile) grueling run. Being the affiliate geek I am I could not help muse how similar affiliate marketing is to a marathon – so I blogged it on my own blog first. So what are the similarities? Unless you’ve got the […]

A Lesson in Affiliate Marketing

This week I learned a lesson in affiliate marketing. Sometimes we forget that this business is about relationships. Sure you have to have the metrics analysis, creative design, 24 hours support and all the other things that you need to be a good affiliate manager – but at the heart of it is relationships. I’ve […]

Checking out Google….

Ola readers! Rumors of my retirement are exaggerated. I am however looking a little more like Wayne Porter every day 😉 I’ve been following the Google Checkout issue with some interest having read posts by Sam Harrelson and Connie Berg & a number of ABestWebbers which I detailed in a previous post. The issue started […]

CJ adds some SOAP to the water ;-)

Oh to be in Santa Barbara! unfortunately – between shuttling to New York and Johannesburg and preparing for our upcoming exhibit at Ad-Tech London (stop around the Forge Booth!) and a *very important* 5th birthday for a special little girl I could not get to SB! I’m glad to see that CJ finally announced the […]

CPA Ad Network Duplication – All you need is Insight!

“CPA Ad Network Duplication – Are You Paying More Than You Should?” Asked Peter Figueredo in a related post recently. Yes, CPA network duplication can end up costing you more than it should, but it does not have to. All you need is a well thought out multi-network strategy, the right metrics and reporting – […]

DR Majorca Summit Trifecta; Todd Craword, Jonathan Miller & Linda Woods!

This past week I attended the Digital River European Sales Summit held in not-so-sunny Majorca in Spain, as I was invited to speak on their email and affiliate marketing panels. The most interesting delegate (to me anyway) must have been Todd Crawford, who arrived sans luggage (thanks to Span Air!) Heated “San Miguel” fuelled discussions […]

The case FOR Affiliate Marketing

There’s been much said about the justification for affiliate marketing strategies in large brand retailers in posts on this forum. For background info, if you’ve got time and lots of coffee, read Molander- On The Right Track? For Multi-Channel Retailers I Think So. I spent some time reading all the arguments by everyone that contributed […]