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Socializing Your Brand

With peer-to-peer marketing and advertising now ubiquitous online, new platforms designed to create sociable widgets and embeddable media rich content are propagating across the web. Widgetbox, SpringWidgets, and Sprout are among countless new applications empowering users to create personalized widgets, social networking badges, RSS feed readers and living content. With even the smallest modicum of […]

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Connectivity Equals Brand Ambassadors

In an era when we’re all interacting with the world through our gadgets, be they mobile devices or GPS systems, our relationship with information and each another is drastically changing. The old media model of one-way broadcast communication has morphed into an intergalactic web of cross pollinating ideas, opinions, and information. The ubiquitous availability of […]

Community Building: Does Size Really Matter?

With so much focus on “building” and “adding” friends, karma, votes, points, followers, kudos et al, we may tend to lose sight of the quality of our online connections and friendships. Does size really matter when it comes to building your online community? In short, more could equal less. I have this imperfect habit of […]

Twitter Directories for Networking

If you’re twittering and you know it, clap your hands, “clap, clap.” Now that the song is stuck in both our heads, I will commence with the skinny on how-to use Twitter directories to help build your professional network. Nowadays, Twitter is the “it” site for microsharing. Businesses are utilizing the popular social networking platform […]