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Kevin Webster manages web analytics, SEO, and SEM accounts for He also assists in OPM duties there, and blogs on his own at Kevin has been in affiliate and online marketing since 2003, and web analytics since 2005. Over his career, he has worked in B2B lead gen, outdoors/recreational SEO and SEM, and in the manufacturing space.

Day 1 of AM Days: Insights You Can Put to Work Today

Go For It

At the conclusion of the first day of Affiliate Management Days, I would submit that it was singularly the most educational day I’ve spent at a conference in quite some time. Starting with Tim Ash’s (SiteTuners) entertaining opening keynote, highlighting why you should really spend more resources worrying about affiliate link landing pages than you […]

Affiliate Management Days Preview: A Time to Learn

It’s hard to believe that Affiliate Management Days is almost upon us. Running March 8-9, AM Days promises to be one of the more interesting conferences I will attend in 2012. It might seem like an easy thing for me to say since I’m speaking, but I’m even more excited about the other presenters that […]

Counting Clicks: Using Google Analytics to Monitor Affiliate Traffic

As affiliates, many of us have accounts with multiple networks and independent programs. However, getting a quick snapshot of our daily clicks isn’t always the easiest task in the world and can be time consuming. Fortunately, with a slightly different approach to adding links to a website, we can give ourselves a one page overview […]

Keeping Your SEO Firm Honest – How to Evaluate Outsourced SEO

Many small businesses don’t have sufficient in-house tools or people to handle the search engine optimization (SEO) of their website. As a result, a myriad SEO/SEM/social media firms have sprung up over the last decade. As with any vertical, some are great, some are OK, and some simply aren’t worth the investment. If you’ve already […]

Getting Local with Your Web Analytics

Every local business owner is looking to increase traffic to their stores, offices, and websites. With myriad ways to accomplish this on the internet, it’s more important now than ever to get a good handle on your web analytics. Segmenting Out High Value Traffic From Google Analytics to Piwik, and most other web analytics programs […]

Math Equals Revenue: Baseline Web Analytics For Affiliate Sites

Measuring the sources of your web traffic goes back to essentially the inception of the internet. Weblogs have been being written on servers for dozens of years, and, they’ve also been either largely ignored or cursorily glanced at for nearly the same amount of time. Especially by people in the affiliate space. The feeling I […]