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Mike Koehler is the New Media Director for Schnake Turnbo Frank | PR, the largest and oldest public relations firm in Oklahoma. Mike consults with clients about the best use of tools on the Internet, Web strategy and social media policy. Mike blogs regularly at and is working on his first book to be published in 2010. Mike lives in Oklahoma City with his wife and three kids. You can find Mike on Twitter: @mkokc.

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Does IPO Fever Signal Another Tech Bubble?

After LinkedIn hit the IPO jackpot last month, it looks as though more web companies are lining up on the way to Wall Street hoping billions are in the future. A quick glance at possible candidates to go public in the near future has some stout names: Zygna, Groupon, Facebook, Twitter, among others. These heavyweight […]

MySpace Tries For Another Resurrection

Did you hear? MySpace is all new. Again. MySpace, of course, is riding the new way of publicity while it can, all while pouring plenty of money into advertising their new site. Among the news sites touting the revamped social media outcast are CNN, MSNBC, Fortune and the Huffington Post. San Francisco-based ad agency Pereira […]

Will the 3DTV Market Live Up To Its Promises?

3D televisions are the talk of the town. Right? Well, yes and no. 3D sounds amazing, and all the major models are on board but is it part of our future or just a passing fad? Will this be like Blu-Ray? Blu-Ray was supposed to be one of the hottest new tickets in town, but […]

Boku Set to Break Open Mobile Payments

Merchants and marketers have long awaited the arrival of mobile commerce. After many false starts we finally seem to be at a tipping point. So just how soon are consumers going to be able to replace not just the cash, but also the credit cards in their wallets with the swipe of a cell phone? […]

Has Groupon Lost Its Groove?

Has Groupon lost its luster as a game-changer in the world of Internet advertising, discounting and customer activity? A new study seems to point to dissatisfaction and takes some of the shine off of Groupon’s solid-gold momentum. The study, conducted by the Rice University’s School of Business, concluded that for a third of businesses, participating […]

Texas Taxes Set To Bushwhack Ecommerce Sites

Are the 10-gallon hats in Texas looking to mosey in on e-commerce in the Lone Star State? It appears that way, as a new tweak to sales tax law has been rewritten to impact companies who have a server in the state. Say what? A server? Yes, according to the revisions by the Texas Comptroller’s […]

A Third of Americans Swimming with Sharks, A Third of Americans Still Unsure

Are Americans swimming with sharks when they pull out their credit cards to buy something online? It looks like that’s the case, as a new study finds at consumers in the U.S. are victims of fraud more often online than anyone else in the world. The study by computer security vendor F-Secure surveyed consumers in […]

Can Yahoo’s Focus on Content and Branding Keep It From Fading Into Irrelevance?

Do you Yahoo? No, you Google. Despite its best efforts Yahoo has never become a verb. As it continues its downward march into Internet oblivion, Yahoo got a double dose of bad news this week. Neilsen reported that Yahoo has lost even more market share in search, now falling behind Bing into third place. According […]

Twitter’s Revamp Worth Rooting For

I’ve always been more of a Twitter guy than a Facebook guy. I liked the pithiness of Twitter as opposed to the “let’s watch a slideshow of my vacation” attitude of Facebook. Sure, they started out as college upstarts, but Facebook has quickly spiraled into an odd mixtures of family reunions, random observations and way […]

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Don’t Know Who’s Involved In Your Company’s Social Media Team? #Fail

Is there a huge blind spot in the ways companies are handling their social media these days? A new survey by seems to bear that out, as not only are companies still struggling with how and whether to manage social media, those that are doing something are in the dark as to how exactly […]