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Nicky Senyard is the co-founder and president of Share Results, a Canada-based online marketing company specializing in affiliate marketing. A native of Australia, and an entrepreneur with a background in public relations, Nicky is a highly sought after speaker and service provider in the affiliate marketing industry.

Want To Reach A Multicultural Market? Get To know Your Audience

When it comes to having successful online and offline advertising, it is important to collect thorough varied data. In my experience I’ve often seen businesses make the mistake of taking the easy way out and attempting to implement a one-size-fits-all approach towards marketing. In affiliate marketing, it is essential to do research since banner ads, […]

Using Data To Build A Better Online Business

Online marketers that understand how to use data to improve their online business are reaping the benefits. No longer are they relying on emotional hunches to make choices. They are making informed decisions about their businesses and where to invest their efforts because they understand how to collect and use data analytics to their advantage. […]

What Has Data Mining Done For You Lately?

As 2011 kicked off, there were already several digital marketing blogs citing what the new trends for the year ahead would be. Present on all of those lists was data mining. Those of us who collect data and use data mining know just how important it is for business intelligence and growth. Data mining is […]