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Paul Uhlir is the Principal at Addthree agency. Interactive advertising addict. Proud Father. Helpless Arsenal Fan.

Getting the Most Out of Social Aided Search

At some point during the last year, you’ve been hit with the word social: the social web, social apps, or social marketing. By now you’re probably a bit skeptical about the value of social, but when applied to real-world projects, leveraging social can generate real results. Recently our agency started testing the results of making […]

Got Bad Links? Consider Google’s Pummeling of Overstock Fair Warning

A clear message was sent this week to CEOs, webmasters and marketing managers across the industry: go check the inbound links to your site and the SEO firm that’s getting them for you. You may be the next casualty of Google’s newfound quest for improved natural, search results. In the last thirty days, Google penalized […]

Bing and Yahoo’s Decision To No Longer Enforce Trademark Will Equal Mo’ Money and Fewer Problems

As of March 3rd, 2011, Bing and Yahoo! will no longer be policing trademark complaints. Advertisers will be free to bid on any trademarked term they please. If a company feels they are being violated, Bing and Yahoo! suggest that they take it up directly with the advertiser. This is an interesting announcement on many […]