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Having worked in the online marketing arena since 1997, Peter Figueredo has seen the ups and downs of this industry. He is currently the CEO of Affiliate Management and Search Marketing Agency NETexponent. which he co-founded in 2001. Prior to that his online direct marketing experience came from working at interactive agencies such as Mass Transit Interactive, as the EVP Director of Performance Marketing, and i-traffic, currently a division of where Peter held the title of Director and helped establish and grow their Affiliate Marketing Services division. At a time when affiliate marketing was relatively unknown Peter was building and managing affiliate programs for leading Fortune 500 companies. Peter's company recently launched an Affiliate Marketing Research division called Affiliate Benchmarks to provide Affiliate Marketers with more insights and data. You can find Peter on Twitter: @figueredo.

Affiliate Tax – Can You Hide?

Editor’s Note: With the number of states considering the so-called Amazon tax or some similar tax growing it’s nearly impossible to keep up with all the iterations of the issue.  Traditional affiliate marketing is not the only advertising channel at

Affiliate Marketing Research Provides Benchmarks for 2009

Successful marketing is built around accurate forecasting and benchmarking. In an industry like the affiliate industry which is not known for transparency, getting numbers to help you set accurate benchmarks is difficult. There are however resources that can help including: …

Why I Deny Friend Requests – Keeping Social Media Valuable

I just denied another Facebook request to connect and I will tell you why. First let me say that it was certainly nothing personal and the connection was not irrelevant because he knows 54 people that I know also. However, …

New Super Affiliate?

…let’s hope so

Howard, Steve, and the other good folks at Vertive are launching a cool new site with a great URL. By the time you read

this blog post will be live. Steve gave me a preview of …

Social Networks Not Clicking?

That was the conclusion reached by market research company IDC in a recent study as described by MediaWeek. It seems that while IDC recognizes the aggressive growth rate of social networks, they see ads being ignored.

According to IDC’s

Is Display Advertising Worthwhile In A Down Economy?

Many companies are slashing their marketing budgets and evaluating how marketing dollars are spent due to the tough economic times. Slashing budgets is a clear sign that “Lean and Mean” is the current theme for many businesses. On average most …

Affiliate Marketing Research Released

I am proud to announce the release of the first AffiliateBenchmarks research report. This survey was described in my last post where I listed the questions that were asked. The research report is available for FREE until 12/12 so go …

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Affiliate Marketing Survey Completed

We are pleased to announce that our Affiliate Survey effort was a huge success. NETexponent created and distributed a 23-question survey designed to collect information about an affiliate’s wants, needs, and experiences in the affiliate marketing space. We received over

Affiliate Marketing Research (Coming Soon)

It has been way way too long since I have posted to ReveNews and it feels great to be back.

Those of you in the affiliate marketing community will agree that research data on our industry is scarce. There are …