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Tricia Meyer is the owner of,, and a number of niche sites (including co-owning Wine Club Reviews and Ratings). She writes and speaks about marketing to women, monetizing blogs, and the basics of affiliate marketing. Tricia is a graduate of Ball State University and the Indiana University School of Law, Bloomington. You can find her on Twitter @sunshinetricia.

Are Affiliate Managers and OPMs Responsible for Disclosure?

Earlier this year, the FTC updated its guidance regarding disclosure of advertising in blogs and on social media (See .com Disclosures: How to Make Effective Disclosures in Digital Advertising.) It got a little bit of attention, but mainly from attorneys and “the sky is falling” types. A few of us wrote about it, but not […]

Building a Business at Affiliate Summit

Mastermind Group to Wine Club

If you have looked into Affiliate Summit at all, you have probably heard a lot of people talking about how they grew their businesses thanks to the conference. Without a doubt it helped me grow mine in many ways. But have you ever wondered if you could actually build a business out of attending Affiliate […]

FTC and Affiliate Network Liability

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) announced today that it has resolved its first deceptive advertising action against an entity described as an“Affiliate Network.” The settlement with the COPEAC network (known to affiliate marketers as a “CPA Network”) was the first of its kind since the FTC began cracking down on false or deceptive advertising by affiliate marketers.

Should Affiliate Managers Be Affiliates?

Most affiliates that I know are reluctant to share their sites with other affiliates for a number of reasons, including worry over their ideas being stolen. I wasn’t particularly concerned until a couple of years ago when I spoke to someone at a conference about my newly launched site. I went into specifics about the […]