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Wayne Porter is one of the original founders of, and served as the CEO and founder of XBlock Systems a specialized research firm on greynets and malware research before being acquired by unified communications security leader, Factime Security Labs. His work includes serving as a panlist at the Federal Trade Commission to shape legislation on software and the creation of two patent-pending technologies for corporate networks. Wayne is a frequent speaker at e-commerce & business events including CJU, ASW and RSA and frequently cited in the press. He has been designated a Microsoft Security MVP three times and is recognized on Google's Responsible Security Disclosure page- in addition to receiving the first Summit Legend Award. Wayne currently works as a Security Consultant on Social Media and operates a consultancy on digital worlds. His hobbies include reading science fiction, playing chess, fishing, writing, collecting shiny digital gadgets, playing racquetball and studying memetic engineering. He maintains a personal weblog at detailing his explorations in security, web 2.0, and virtual worlds. You can follow Wayne on Twitter: @wporter.

ROI on Virtual Worlds, MMOs and Twitter

David Lewis recently played an interesting prank on Jeff Molander. Industry veterans know these type of pranks have been going on since the inception of the affiliate marketing industry and they can even turn into learning experiences. His prank and post prompted me to revisit Jeff’s Twitter account and his blog. In short- the tweets […]

Reality Check: Video

Reality check… This is a must-see interview on how the affiliate marketing game is “changing” in 2008 with Larry Joseloff, VP Content, from the Internet Retailer Conference & Exhibition 2008 in Chicago. Is this the truth or just illusion?

Opinion: Shift Happens

What are Affiliates? It is hard to get concensus on that. In my eyes affilites are “meta-thinkers” who are often dissatisfied with the status quo. Affiliates are all about finding “digital independence” and they do this by naturally pushing the envelope. Tactics vary but the internal make-up, the essence, is often the same. Quick and […]

Zoomii, Virtual Book Browsing and Chariots

I am participating in the Association of Virtual Worlds, a new collaboration between 3D social and business explorers. The new organization has surpassed 2,000 members in only three months. As part of my research into 3D worlds I found a new site, Zoomii that offers a taste of what 3D browsing and Web Services can […]

Performance Marketing Alliance

Performance Marketing Alliance I just received an e-mail from Rebecca Madigan, from, about the Performance Marketing Alliance and I urge people to get involved with this project. I plan on it and I am pleased to see names like Brook Schaaf, Lisa Riolo, and other veterans getting the ball rolling. Let me know how […]

Revolution and Steam Punk Penguins

Are The Affiliate Walls Crumbling? Jeff Molander thinks so in his latest piece and I must disagree, although I think drop shipping holds promise. The walls of affiliate marketing are not “crumbling”, but the boundaries are shifting. This shift is happening for several reasons and I will note a few: Retailers have mastered trench affiliate […]

Green Eggs and Sam Harrelson

It is that time again…somehow I end up writing about “that time again”. Often I forget to give thanks to those around me. The people who inspire in little and big ways. I decided I wanted to support “wholesome things” and I wanted to support Sam. I remember the April Fool’s joke…yet I look around […]

Parasites | Ecosystems | Diversity Ecology

Digging Deep into to the Summit & When the Sleeper Wakes I have spent the last few days, off the grid, recuperating from the “controversial” Affiliate Summit” in Las Vegas. Ironically, I found no controversy over the issues. Overall I think any critical marketer finds spam, “spyware” and the like- a real problem. Sometimes, depending […]

Marketing Education and Social Collisions

I was on Twitter, looking at followers that I had not been following. (Note on Twitter they are followers, on Facebook they are friends.) I came across Steli Efti, Supercool Principal and this take on our education system and to be bold and let go. Action taken- RSS feed assimilated. Twitter reciprocation. Steli is now […]

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Mobile Search Shocking

Will it blow away search from the desktop in the years to come? (Depends on what you count as the desktop too.) Apple Insider: “The world is changing. Users want an internet without fences. They know how to type in if they want to get to it,” he said. “Two years ago the operators […]