The Benefits of Hiring an Online Freelancer

social networkThe simple reality of business is that you can’t be good at everything and there are always going to be some occasions where you will require help. Even though extra staff and outsourcing to large businesses certainly have their place; remote freelancing can be a fantastic way to get in touch with top talent, whether it’s for SEO, social media, tax returns or otherwise.

The freelance economy has grown significantly in recent years because of a number of different variables. Economic factors, improvements in technology and also the fact outsourcing are now easier means hiring freelancers is in many cases the rule rather than the exception. If you don’t believe us take a look at the benefits of hiring someone online.


Hiring a person can take months; hiring a freelancer can take minutes. Freelance sites such as PeopleperHour and also freelancing sites allow businesses to post a job description and begin receiving applications within minutes to their inbox.

These applications showcase why the person is good for the job, can include CVs and in the case of sites such as PPH also include rankings, reviews and plenty of data based on other customers’ real life experiences that allows you to easily compare freelancers. This makes it an easy, quick and transparent way to hire a person for your work.

Low Cost

For businesses looking for specialist help in an area there are a number of options besides hiring freelancers – however these tend to be far more costly. Hiring a new member of staff is a far more expensive option than hiring a freelancer. There are numerous extra costs regarding staff including insurance, health care, wages and a wide range of others. A freelancer doesn’t require these. They simply provide you with a proposal for the work and if you accept that’s the amount you pay. And at the end of the job or contract, there’s nothing further to pay.

The World at your Fingers

The fact that you have a world of freelance talent at your fingertips is quite an alluring prospect for businesses. Freelance websites allow businesses the opportunity to benefit from freelancers around the globe with no geographical constraints. This allows you to hire outside your local pool. You have complete access to a full planet of talent meaning finding someone that’s got the suitable skills, job history, and experience at the right price isn’t a problem.


Anybody who has ever hired or been involved in the hiring process will understand how hard it is to gauge a person from a few minutes of interview or a piece of paper. Freelancing websites allow you to see skills, history, examples of previous work, reviews, ratings and a whole lot more besides. They offer you a transparent picture of the quality of work an individual delivers. This means that you can pick the cream of the crop easily and rest assured your job will be completed to the highest standards.


For businesses looking for versatility the freelance economy, particularly one based around well-known freelance websites can be a fantastically versatile thing. Buyers can decide a whole host of factors, including whether they want work completed on-site, want in-depth case studies completed afterwards or the time span they want the work completed in.

The world of freelancers gives them access to all of this and more and it’s no surprise that the world has turned somewhat towards this versatile, quality and competitive option.

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  1. The speed element stands out to me Cormac. Being a freelance writer, I can be hired at a moment’s notice, provide a valued service and deliver quickly. Really quick process opposed to hiring employees, and all the time and energy it takes to go through the interviewing process, hiring process, training process. You’re already getting an expert, ready to go, and their rates may be higher but you’ll see greater returns.