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Facebook May Prove That Spam King Is Not Invincible

If you’ve been on the Internet at any point in the last decade, you’ve likely seen the work of one Sanford Wallace. Also known as the Spam King or Spamford Wallace, this prolific and notorious spammer finally met his match on July 6, 2011, when the Justice Department indicted Wallace, under seal, on eleven counts […]

CPA Network Swish Marketing Ordered To Pay $4.8 Million In Fines, Changes Name

After many complaints, followed by a full investigation, the FTC announced last month the final court order involving allegations of deceptive marketing by Swish Marketing and its officers: Mark Benning, Matthew Patterson, and Jason Strober. In large part damned by their own words via email and IM, this trio must pay $4.8 million in fines […]

Malware Thriving On Facebook Apps

Ever wonder just how big the Facebook juggernaut is? Facebook reports over 500 million users spend over 700 billion minutes per month on Facebook interacting with over 900 million objects (pages, groups and events) and 30 billion pieces of content (web links, blog posts, photo albums, etc). You don’t have to hear those staggering statistics […]

Will “Buying” Fans on Facebook Come Back to Haunt Brand Marketers?

Augie Ray’s recent blog for Forrester, a technology research firm, raises a key issue all marketers should be thinking about as they navigate the ins and outs of social media. Ray wonders “whether rewarding people with freebies for the purpose of gaining followers is authentic” when it comes to brands that manage to attract a […]

Facebook Launches Three Suits Against Affiliate Marketing Scams

On October 19, 2010, Facebook filed three separate lawsuits all involving use of the Facebook platform to engage in what Facebook considered fraudulent activates which were monetized through CPA networks.  The lawsuits named Steven Richter, Jason Swan and MaxBounty. as defendants. Two of the lawsuits named individuals and not the respective network as defendants. All three cases […]

A Third of Americans Swimming with Sharks, A Third of Americans Still Unsure

Are Americans swimming with sharks when they pull out their credit cards to buy something online? It looks like that’s the case, as a new study finds at consumers in the U.S. are victims of fraud more often online than anyone else in the world. The study by computer security vendor F-Secure surveyed consumers in […]

Performance Marketing Needs a Compulsive CPA Gamblers Anonymous

Advertisers can be like compulsive gamblers. The addictive pursuit of every new CPA network that pops up in hopes of mining a few extra transactions is mindboggling. It’s no wonder CPA networks are cropping up faster than the weeds in my lawn. But in a performance based channel the more offers out there the harder […]

Affiliates Indicted For Cookie Stuffing

On June 24, 2010, two separate indictments were handed down by a grand jury in California against Shawn Hogan and Brian Dunning following an FBI investigation by the Cyber Crimes Department. The indictments charge Hogan and Dunning with wire fraud and criminal forfeiture. Hogan was charged with ten counts of wire fraud and Dunning with five counts of wire fraud.

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Is The iPad Secure Enough For The Workplace?

Everything’s coming up roses for Apple Inc with reports of 3 million iPads sold within 80 days of its release. By 2010, Kaufman Brothers analyst Shaw Wu says the company might sell 9.7 million units of the device. According to a recent Bloomberg wire piece, iPads are starting to penetrate the corporate marketplace, with reports […]

CPA Network Consolidation: Where Does CPA Marketing Go From Here?

If you were to step into a time machine and travel back to 2006, the coolest role in the online marketing industry might have been to own an affiliate network. Fast forward to 2011 and it doesn’t seem as cool a prospect. In the past year, affiliate networks, especially those focused on CPA (cost-per-action) offers […]