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The Death and Re-Birth of Book Publishing

We’re not even at the end of Q1, and 2011 has already been a rough year for the book retailers. But while retailers struggle and fold, there might be new opportunities on the horizon for publishers and authors alike, and a publishing phoenix just might still rise from the ashes of yet. In February, Borders […]

Here We Go: Carol Roth’s Equation Helps Calculate Your Business Trajectory

If I had to pick a motto for entrepreneurs it would be Han Solo’s quip, “Never quote me the odds.” Entrepreneurs by nature tend to ignore data that doesn’t fit into their vision. If they didn’t the odds of their success would seem daunting, And while it is true that a brash, cocksure attitude can get you far, it can’t be the only thing sustaining your business. Reality always encroaches. When it does, you’d better hope you’ve plotted your course through that asteroid field well.

Get Inspired: ReveNews Book Giveaway

Books are a wonderful thing. With the variety of media available to us it is often easy to become oversaturated and forget to pick up a book. So to get your entrepreneurial spirit inspired and get you reading for the holidays, ReveNews is having our first annual book Giveaway. From November 30th until December 19th, […]