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5 Effective App Marketing and Distribution Strategies

Launching an app is a fun, yet stressful process. You’re putting your creation out for everyone to see and use, and hopefully rate five stars. But with thousands of apps on the store market, how do you ensure that people will see your product? You’ll need to develop a killer strategy that brings you success. […]

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7 Things All Great Brands have in Common


A business’s brand is the way people perceive that business – in essence your brand is your business. Brands and perceptions of brands are created in a number of manners – from your messaging on social media, to your website design and content. A holistic approach is a winning approach when it comes to branding, […]

How To Monitor Your Brand On Social Media


Monitoring your brand on social media is crucial for your online reputation. Using social media does provide a wonderful platform to bring brand awareness. It is important to understand that every interaction in social media will help you become visible on the online world.  Focusing on your brand and making sure you address any negative […]

Is Reputation Management the New SEO?

Reputation management has been all of the talk lately. While at Affiliate Summit, Pubcon and AdTech I’ve noticed that more advertisers and exhibit booths are adding “Reputation Management” to their arsenal of services. While it’s always good to throw in some new services, it’s tough to know if half of these companies really know what […]

Is Facebook the New Television?

Facebook on Smartphone

Television has long been the dominant medium when it comes to brand advertising. While this remains the case today, big brand advertisers are slowly but surely moving their ad dollars  to social media. The primary beneficiary of this shift is, of course, Facebook, the 800-pound gorilla of social media. But as we at ReveNews have […]

Twitter Emerges as a Brand Marketing Tool

Facebook may be garnering much attention for its recent nod to brand marketers, but there’s another social media tool that is following much the same path without the fanfare: Twitter. While Twitter has sometimes been dismissed as an inconsequential way to issue simple, short updates, the service has managed to emerge as a serious addition […]

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King Of Cola Strives To Become The King Of Content

Coca-Cola Cap on Red Background

At the IAB MIXX Conference last week, Jonathan Mildenhall, Coca-Cola’s Vice President of Global Advertising Strategy and Content Excellence, shared the company’s vision for how it will compete in a socially engaged future: Content 2020. It’s worth pointing out that Coca-Cola has been ranked the number one global brand for the last ten years by […]

Commercial Users of Facebook Had Better Wake Up

A provocative article by Michael Scissons, CEO of Syncapse, a company that makes social media management software, appeared August 18 on Ad Age Digital. In it, Scissons refers to some data his firm collected about 300 of the top brand pages on Facebook. One of the most telling findings shared by Scissons is the fact […]

What ICANN’s Domain Name Expansion Really Means

Last week, ICANN, the regulatory body for Internet names, announced a massive of expansion of gTLDs (generic Top Level Domains) from the current 22 to a virtually unlimited range of possibilities. No longer bound by such familiar extensions as .com, .gov, .net, and .org, the new gTLDs can include virtually any name imaginable – a […]