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Super Bowl Ads Social Media Effect, Before and After

Traditionally, the Super Bowl has been a launching pad for new products, new companies, and new ad campaigns. But because of social media, the dust has still not settled around last Sunday’s Super Bowl ads. Thanks to social media, advertisers got an early start – many advertisers, who usually keep their expensive commercials under wraps […]

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How Facebook Keeps Both Big and Small Businesses Happy

As Facebook positions itself for a forthcoming IPO after swallowing a $450 million investment from Goldman Sachs, it continues to reinvent itself as a friend to businesses big and small. While I’ve questioned the impact that commercializing Facebook may have on its consumer-oriented character, I can’t help but admire the attention the social network pays […]

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Unilever’s Canvas of Content

Unilever is a European global giant that markets some 400 brands in 14 different categories to consumers. Its brands include Axe, Dove, Pond’s, and Vaseline in the personal care market; Comfort, Sunlight, and Surf in the home care market; and Bertoli, Hellman’s, Knorr, and Lipton in the foods market. Unilever is also a company that […]

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Can Yahoo Help Starbucks Bring In More Customers?

One thing you can say about Starbucks – this is a company that’s willing to take risks and reinvent itself, especially when it comes to the digital world. This week, Starbucks launched the “Starbucks Digital Network” in partnership with Yahoo! in 6,800 U.S. stores. Starbucks introduced free Wi-Fi service to these stores in July, but […]

RadiumOne Detects Ad Opportunity in Social Media

The hoopla over Facebook, the ongoing march of Twitter, the continuing advance of location-based services like Foursquare, and the increasing popularity of social games like FarmVille – all of these are signals that social media has essentially conquered the digital kingdom. So it is no surprise that advertisers and media providers are now finding ways […]

Bands and Brands: An interview With Unmarketing About Shifting Business Paradigms

Ever since meeting him at SOBCon I’ve been impressed with Scott Stratten’s down to earth, humanistic approach to marketing and his mad karaoke skills (photo below courtesy of Steve Hall). Scott, aka @unmarketing, is the bestselling author of “UnMarketing: Stop Marketing. Start Engaging” and was one of the highlights of BlogWorld 2010. I sat down […]

New Data Analyzes Use of Facebook and Twitter for Advertising

  It’s becoming an unavoidable reality for advertisers. One way or the other, they are going to wind up using Facebook or Twitter – or both. So is it worth it? According to just-released data, Facebook is a good bet for advertisers. Twitter… well, maybe not so much. A major new survey of active Facebook […]

Nielsen Ups The Ante In The Online Measurement Game

From those wonderful folks who gave us the de facto standard in television ratings comes “Nielsen Online Campaign Ratings,” announced last week. This is tacit recognition by a major force in the measurement business that the online world is now worth measuring. Of course, online marketers have known this all along. But despite lots of […]

In-Game Ads Grow Up And Show Signs Of Market Value

Remember when in-game mobile ads were the rage? If not, let me jog your memory. Just two years ago, mobile in-game advertising had some market wins including “RadioShack Sees 8.4 % Brand Awareness Increase” and “Jeep claims brand-awareness lift from mobile games ad campaign”. The implementation types included mobile game pre-roll, interstitial, and post-roll, where […]

The Real Power of “Like”

It was only in April that Facebook introduced the seemingly innocent “Like” button. But now the real power of “Like” is becoming clear. It didn’t take very long for online marketers to figure out that the real meaning of “Like” from the perspective of the consumer: “I’m a target for a particular brand or product.” […]