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Are Virtual Goods The Next Frontier For Brands?

Brands have already done a fine job of working their way into every aspect of our real world. You’ll find brand advertising pretty much everywhere you look, offline and online. Every communications medium is peppered with brand ads. Less obvious forms of brand advertising, such as product placements in television shows and movies, are commonplace. […]

Five Marketing Lessons You Can Learn From 5 Hour Energy Drink

Did you know that 4.6 Million bottles of the 5 Hour Energy Drink are sold each week in the USA alone? According to The New York Times, Bill Pecoriello, chief executive of Consumer Edge Research, estimated that energy shot sales could reach $700 million this year, nearly double last year’s $370 million. Today, 5-Hour Energy accounts for about 80 percent of the rapidly expanding market.

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Disney To Use Playdom Acquisition To Redefine Social Games And Crush Zynga

Rather than build their way into social gaming, Disney opted to acquire Playdom who is the creator of Mobsters, the #1 game on MySpace, and a lesser player on Facebook. It’s an easy move to second guess and say that Disney should have bought a larger social network game company. While that was indeed an […]

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American Express Study Finds Consumers Seek Out Negative Opinions

Companies are learning a tough lesson about customer empowerment: give your customers reasons to communicate and they’ll do so willingly, sometimes in ways you can’t control. American Express recently released findings of a customer service survey the company conducted online among a random sample of 1,000 U.S. consumers age 18 and over. The same survey […]

Ad Agencies Arrive Late to the Social Media Party

For a group whose claim to fame is crafting forward-looking breakthrough marketing campaigns, advertising agencies sure can be a Johnny-come-lately. It is only now, writes Suzanne Vranica in The Wall Street Journal, that big ad agencies are figuring out they’d better secure their position in social media. Why? Because they’re seeing big clients shift spending […]

Visa Scores Big With World Cup Social Media Campaign

In a previous post, I discussed how the World Cup was driving social media usage, and how big advertisers were jumping on the social media bandwagon. One of those big advertisers who decided to rely on social media instead of traditional advertising is Visa – and apparently, Visa’s strategy has paid off. The credit card […]

Cars and Bananas Prove Social Media’s Staying Power

This is a tale of two stories. Both are about the use of social media. But they are usually on opposite ends of the spectrum: cars and bananas (unless you are playing a practical joke as in Beverly Hills Cop, see clip at end of article). First, cars: Apparently, Ford decided it would make more […]

Do Famecount’s Numbers Tell The Whole Story When It Comes To Popularity?

The gargantuan numbers being generated by Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube are of paramount importance for marketers.  These numbers set the tone for why social media has already changed the manner in which major advertisers are now defining their media strategy. More and more companies are realizing the potential social media may have. Famecount.com is a […]

Wisdom Of Crowds: More Corporations Turn to Crowdsourcing

Last September, I wrote about the fact that Netflix used crowdsourcing to solicit new ideas for its movie recommendation system, awarding $1 million for the winning entry. Well it turns out crowdsourcing is continuing to be used by major companies to generate new ideas and, in some cases, avoid high creative fees. At the recent […]

When It Comes To Social Media, Pepsi Gets It

Some big brands pay lip service to the marketing power of social media, but Pepsi is a leading brand that really understands how to make it work. At the recent TechCrunch Disrupt conference, Frank Cooper, Pepsi’s Chief Consumer Engagement Officer (don’t you just love that title?), spoke about Pepsi’s social media initiatives and made a […]