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Virtual Goods Show Potential, Haven’t Yet Crossed The Chasm

With 350 million users playing social games on Zynga alone, and over 68 million social gamers in the U.S., the social gaming world looks to hold the potential for vast wealth. eMarketer expects the U.S. virtual goods market, which is the economic engine behind social games, to hit $653 million in sales in 2011.  After […]

Stay Tuned for Social TV

The “Social TV Summit,” a small conference with a select group of attendees, was held in Los Angeles on July 20. It explored “social media and its effect on viewing content on TV, online, on tablets, and on mobile,” according to the summit organizers. While it was an invitation-only event for social media and TV […]

Post Paywall Hits Up iPad Users For More Dough But Does The Math Make Sense?

The bizarre attempt by the New York Post to boost iPad app sales both entertained and surprised me. It seems that someone at the Post believes it’s worth singling out iPad users and forcing them to subscribe via an app. If you haven’t experienced the extortion firsthand, Dave Winer posted a screenshot of what happened […]

New Online Shopping Survey Shows Consumers Are Big On Product Research

It may come as no surprise, but online shoppers have learned a thing or two or three about how to do research before they make a purchase online. Results of the “Social Shopping Study”, conducted by PowerReviews in association with the e-tailing group, indicate that consumers who shop online are on a mission to get […]

Cashing Out: Week of June 5th – 11th 2011 in Online Marketing News

If at first you don’t succeed: Google to acquire Admeld Reports began to surface this week that Google has set its sights on buying online ad optimization firm Admeld. If the acquisition goes through, Google could use Admeld in conjunction with their DoubleClick ad exchange to help publishers choose ads in real-time across ad networks […]

eBay and PayPal Suing Google Over Employees And Trade Secrets Is Just Sour Grapes

My initial reaction of the news that Google was being sued by eBay and PayPal was one of mild annoyance. In the lawsuit, two Google employees  are accused of having “misappropriated PayPal trade secrets by disclosing them within Google and to major retailers” and of one of the plaintiffs who was recruiting another employee, is […]

Times Paywall: Survival of the Fittest?

“All the news that’s fit to print,” the long-time slogan of the venerable New York Times, just doesn’t fit anymore. While the Times has had a digital edition for quite some time (and a pretty slick iPad application to boot), it has finally, perhaps reluctantly, succumbed to the realization that print subscriptions are unsustainable. On […]

Why Applying Best Practices May Sabotage Your Social Media Goals

Is cutting-and-pasting social media “best practices” the path toward better, tangible results?  Or should we instead use good, proven processes that “work” — applying them within our context to create more sales and happier customers?  Let’s take a quick, critical look at why chasing best practices might be a waste of valuable time. The whole […]

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DEMO Spring 2011 Highlights: The Top 3 Consumer Focused Companies and the Best One-Liner

This year it was very appropriate to be at DEMO Spring 2011 in Palm Springs on the day after the Oscars.  Like a Colin Firth many a nervous startup founder came on stage to make their presentations. Perhaps it was the lights and the large audience. Or maybe it was the $1 million dollar prize. […]

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DEMO Spring 2011 Highlights: Promising Companies Who Are Not Quite Ready for Prime-Time

One of the joys of DEMO is seeing technology trends emerge and evolve. This year there were several companies who had obviously invested a lot of resources and development time in the science behind their product but still managed to come off  as too specialized for wholesale adoption  by businesses or consumers. As part of […]