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Google vs Apple for Publisher Payment Solutions: Neither a Perfect Fit

The recent discussion in Media Beat around Google or Apple for publishers has been fascinating. On one hand I love to see the passion and loyalty people have for Apple or Google, but on the other hand there doesn’t really seem to be a debate as much as a religious shouting war. The way I […]

Super Bowl Ads Social Media Effect, Before and After

Traditionally, the Super Bowl has been a launching pad for new products, new companies, and new ad campaigns. But because of social media, the dust has still not settled around last Sunday’s Super Bowl ads. Thanks to social media, advertisers got an early start – many advertisers, who usually keep their expensive commercials under wraps […]

A Fresh Look at LinkedIn

When I wrote about LinkedIn last April, I said it was quietly staying in the mix, even as Facebook was garnering all the media attention. You undoubtedly know Mark Zuckerberg founded Facebook, but who founded LinkedIn? (Answer at the end of this article.) As the most prominent business social network, LinkedIn is significant but has […]

For Consumers Free Ride On The Web May Be Over Soon

For a long time, consumers have been getting a free ride on the Web. The vast majority of Web-based information and services are available at no cost. Consumers probably don’t even think about the fact that they pay nothing to get the search capabilities of Google, the video serving capabilities of YouTube, the social networking […]

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CityVille’s Numbers May Be Record Breaking But Zynga Faces Harsh Reality

Social gamers might be excited by Zynga’s CityVille hitting a record number of users. Investors might by excited by CityVille’s potential revenue. Both may be interested in the impact CityVille could have on the virtual goods market. With a record number of users and revenue for a single game, CityVille’s success might give you the impression […]

Lies, Damn Lies, and 65 Percent Purchase Online Statistics

Everybody spends money for online content, or so you would think if you read the Pew Internet study just released. The report claims that 65 percent of internet users have paid for online content – which may be true but it is also misleading. The title is so misleading in fact, that I would bet […]

The New Age of Predictive Analysis

Statistical validity is a numbers game. In the past, marketers would use relatively small numbers to extrapolate a larger result. With social media, they could look at thousands or millions of opinions and come to conclusions that could lead to refreshing existing campaigns or creating new ones. They would be analyzing raw consumer opinion at its source and is likely to be the unvarnished truth, unlike the sometimes false positives collected via focus groups and surveys.

Yahoo Desperate To Stay Relevant

Just about every relevant Internet company is growing and hiring. Facebook can’t meet the demand fast enough. Google is giving all of its 23,000-plus employees a 10-percent salary increase in January. And then there’s Yahoo. They’re slashing around 5 percent of their workforce, according to the Wall Street Journal, after considering as much as a […]

Social Media Numbers: Don’t Retweet Everything You See

You might have seen the following article headlined in a friend’s Twitter stream: “Twitter Crushes Facebook for Marketing” or with another variation of the slug: “Although Facebook has a larger social media presence and more users, Twitter gives businesses more clicks.” Entrepreneur.com republished this article on December 10, 2010, after its initial publication as a […]

Our Love/Hate Relationship with Gurus

You wanted it faster, cheaper and more of it. You bought into the lifestyle dream. You believed (and still do) that you could make millions without working by buying a $2,000 product. Maybe you’re to blame? Maybe, just maybe…