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Commission Junction Responds To California’s New Nexus Law

Commission Junction responded today on the heels of California passage the Affiliate Nexus Tax. Kerri Pollard, President of Commission Junction, one of the world’s largest and highest regarded affiliate networks provided the following statement which was provided to us by Ashley DeVan, Director of Marketing for Commission Junction. In the statement Kerri expresses her disappointment […]

The Affiliate “Big One” Hits: California Passes Catastrophic Nexus Tax

An earthquake of a different sort hit California this week when Governor Jerry Brown and the state’s Democratic lawmakers struck a budget deal that included passage of its “Amazon tax.” Despite warnings from Amazon.com, Overstock.com, and other affiliate networks, plus direct appeals from affiliates desperate to protect their livelihood, California appears headed down the same […]

Leveraging Virtual Goods for The Greater Social Good

Many people have been touched by the recent and ongoing tragedies following the 9.0 earthquake in Japan. Personally I have been shocked and saddened by the devastation with family members temporarily displaced due to the events and relatives in Japan impacted by the breakdown of transportation and communication there. While news of the Japan Earthquake, […]

Main Street Is Sexy, Nexus Is Not: Reasons Affiliates Should Rebrand The Argument

We’re losing. Another state, Illinois, drops legislation that threatens the lives of affiliate marketers. Who’s next? Texas? My state of Ohio? Then another, and another. Do you see this being stopped? I don’t. Here’s why we’re losing. Because not enough people either: A. Know about it B. Understand it C. Care about it That’s the […]

Should Affiliate Managers Be Affiliates?

Most affiliates that I know are reluctant to share their sites with other affiliates for a number of reasons, including worry over their ideas being stolen. I wasn’t particularly concerned until a couple of years ago when I spoke to someone at a conference about my newly launched site. I went into specifics about the […]

Pink Infographics Aren’t Fun, They’re Irritating

When we fail to challenge such nonsense and bad taste then we’re abetting the behavior and the attitude that says it’s OK to define a woman by something other than her intelligence and ability.

Illinois House Bill 3659 Stomps on Small Businesses

The unfortunate reality of HB3659, as it stands, is that it is simply a red herring. It will not create a level playing field for booksellers or other retailers in Illinois and will not bring in the anticipated levels of tax dollar generated revenue that Illinois is seeking.

Fighting the Affiliate Tax in Mississippi 2011

Editor’s Note: The Mississippi legislature has opted for round 2, after having failed in 2010, in attempting to pass their version of the anti-affiliate Amazon Tax (despite the fact that previous passage of similar legislation in Rhode Island, according to the Rhode Island Department of Revenue collected absolutely no revenue from the tax). Usually we […]

6 Events that Shifted the Online Marketing Landscape in 2010

The marketing industry was rocked in 2010 by an influx of significant events that changed the way we do business. The following list is my picks for the 6 Events that Shifted the Online Marketing Landscape in 2010. 1) Net Neutrality and the FCC’s rulings Net Neutrality isn’t sexy enough to stay in the foreground […]

How Wikileaks Is A Napster Moment For Democracy And What That Means For Net Neutrality

Wikileaks’ recent release of confidential cables hasn’t been that different from a newspaper publishing a story based on a confidential source. It’s just been a lot bigger. And the fallout is proving to be a Napster moment for democracy with net neutrality hanging in the balance. Wikileaks & the Fight for Net Neutrality In an […]