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Will the 3DTV Market Live Up To Its Promises?

3D televisions are the talk of the town. Right? Well, yes and no. 3D sounds amazing, and all the major models are on board but is it part of our future or just a passing fad? Will this be like Blu-Ray? Blu-Ray was supposed to be one of the hottest new tickets in town, but […]

Free Code Generators Could Push QR Into the Mainstream

Recently, I wrote about QR (Quick Response) codes coming to TV ad campaigns. Now, Google has gone one step further to make them widely available online and insure ease of access. In case you haven’t been paying attention, QR codes are all the rage, because they provide an immediate connection to a mobile phone user […]

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Top 3 Technologies from DEMO Day 2, Plus the Million Dollar People’s Choice Winner

DEMO must have heard my complaint that the majority of companies presenting on day 1 of DEMO were too derivative, because those showcasing during day 2 definitely satisfied my inner geek. Innovation was well on display whether it was companies like VoiceBase showing off their ability to search voice files; or Scayl who played Avatar […]

Top 3 Technologies from DEMO Day 1, Plus the Irony of Twitter’s Timing

The first day of DEMO Fall 2010 featured a lot of products that were just derivative rather than groundbreaking. There were a few entertaining presentations like BitBop‘s that featured a surprise visit by a Jack Black impersonator, really their VP of Marketing Reid Genauer who brought energy, a guitar and pot references that while funny […]

The Digital Tsunami

Look at the latest moves by Amazon, Apple, and USA TODAY, all reported in the past week. They have a commonality that suggests traditional communications are being swept away by a digital tsunami of historic proportions. Amazon is readying a web-based subscription service that will deliver content via a web browser or through new televisions […]

Google Buys Slide, Puts On Social Warpaint

In my article about RockYou, a comment from a ReveNews author led to a discussion of Slide likely facing similar market pressures as RockYou. Both RockYou and Slide were darlings of MySpace and expanded to Facebook as it became a more dominant platform. Early on, both RockYou and Slide did well, using all the smarts […]

The New Role for India’s $35 Laptop Could Be a Kindle Killer

There are sure signs that Amazon is worried about Apple’s iPad. Their focus on rolling out a “cheap” version of the new Kindle WiFi, scheduled to ship August 27th with a $139 starting price point compared to the current $189 version, will undoubtedly tempt some customers to rush out and buy one. But Amazon shouldn’t […]

Despite Low Price Tag, $35 Laptop Still Inaccessible to Many

A $35 price point for a laptop generates a lot of buzz. The announcement of such a device ready to market in India, with its robust economy and a rapidly growing tech center, is a huge development. India already boasts some 81 million Internet users, but with a population of 1.1 billion that represents a […]

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Spike in Computer Sales Force Marketers to Adapt to the Modern, Mobile Market

Electronic retailers have a new marquee category with record setting sales numbers. In a report in the Wall Street Journal’s Digits Blog, new numbers from the Consumer Electronics Association show that computers have topped television sales. The computer vertical is expected to hit $26 billion with 23 percent growth. Driving this forecast, and potentially of […]

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3 Reasons Consumers Are Driving Digital Change

The latest edition of the Global Entertainment and Media Outlook: 2010-2014, has just been issued by global consulting firm PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC). The report forecasts modest growth in entertainment and media spending worldwide over the next four years, with much of the emphasis on digital media. But what’s behind the numbers is perhaps of greatest interest […]