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Foursquare, Seriously

In his post about Foursquare last October, David Lewis said Foursquare had “some serious weaknesses,” but he admitted, “It’s worth keeping an eye on it.” Well suddenly, Foursquare seems to be breaking out of its status as a cutesy, fun mobile-enabled game. It has just been discovered by the likes of Bravo TV, HBO, the […]

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Should You Care About Nexus One?

Google’s heralded smartphone, Nexus One, was introduced last week. It probably didn’t receive its due in publicity because it was, in effect, an upgrade of the Android, which already made a big splash as the “Droid.” So as an online marketer, should you care about Nexus One? Let’s begin to answer the question by first […]

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Background Apps Can Help iPhone Compete

The announcement of Google’s Nexus One phone combined with the pressure from Droid and other touchscreen technologies may finally have the iPhone worried, if not on the run. So what could Apple do to quickly show that its iPhone is not going to let anyone see it sweat? There’s a pretty simple answer, if Apple […]

From Robots and Gaming to Fertility and Green Energy: The Coolest Tech at CES 2010

Innovation, at its best, is something that changes lives for the better. This is why I don’t find 3D television sexy, although it is what everyone is all a flutter about at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show. 3D television won’t improve life as we know it (even a movie junkie like me realizes that). It […]

Mahalo’s Missing DNA back at you Jason Calacanis

Affiliate Marketing Needs to Grow Up Yes- true shock and awe over the number of attendees. I go on record that I am not an affiliate. Merchants are my affiliates. I am into experimental media. Often performance relationships are the best I can get because this industry does NOT reward niche, long tail economics and […]