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Wisdom Of Crowds: More Corporations Turn to Crowdsourcing

Last September, I wrote about the fact that Netflix used crowdsourcing to solicit new ideas for its movie recommendation system, awarding $1 million for the winning entry. Well it turns out crowdsourcing is continuing to be used by major companies to generate new ideas and, in some cases, avoid high creative fees. At the recent […]

5 Reasons Why Social Media Failed You

Ah. Social Media… You were told it would fix everything. It would boost sales, improve customer relations, manage your online reputation, and reduce every bit of overhead you have. So what went wrong? Well, to tell you the truth, anything could have gone wrong. Maybe everything went wrong. You see, the fact about social media […]

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Will Costly Mistake Translate Into Future Customer Loyalty?

Mistakes happen, but the snafu that 6pm.com, a sister company of Zappos.com, made in the early hours between midnight and 6 a.m. on May 21st may just reach legendary status. Due to an internal error, 6pm.com accidentally marked down nearly all of its stock to $49.95. Items that typically would have sold for $1,857.85 were […]

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Retailers Look For Loyalty On The Go

As the old adage goes the more things change the more they stay the same. If you look around right now, you’ll notice a new emphasis being placed on brand loyalty programs. These programs are nothing new, but suddenly, marketers are using them to make informed decisions about their most loyal customers. As just one […]

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How Do You Get To Sesame Street? Through The eBookstore.

Could Elmo and Big Bird be leading the way for how brands are going to stand on their own in the ever more crowded world of e-book sales? Sesame Street is setting itself apart with the launch of its own e-bookstore this week, offering a collection of branded books for an annual subscription fee. It’s […]

Next Jump Solidifies Affiliate Rewards Domination with MasterCard Partnership

The rewards segment of the affiliate industry is chock-full of large affiliate companies who run loyalty programs that offer consumers perks in return for shopping through their site. Companies like FatWallet, Upromise, and MyPoints have long been household names. Next Jump, however, has long been in a class by itself. Established in 1995, Next Jump […]

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Once Upon a Time I Could Charge Your Credit Card Using Your Email

Ok so I can’t, but apparently some web loyalty firms are able to. Some at least are starting to change their business model as pressure mounts from Congress due to consumer complaints. As of January 8th, 2010, your 16 digit credit card number is now required to enroll in loyalty programs from Affinion or so […]

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Background Apps Can Help iPhone Compete

The announcement of Google’s Nexus One phone combined with the pressure from Droid and other touchscreen technologies may finally have the iPhone worried, if not on the run. So what could Apple do to quickly show that its iPhone is not going to let anyone see it sweat? There’s a pretty simple answer, if Apple […]

New Media Study Shows Increasing Consumer Empowerment

The 2009 Cone Consumer New Media Study, results of which were released on October 20, shows the continuing growth of consumer empowerment. Cone, a strategy and communications agency that specializes in cause branding, looked only at users of “new media,” defined as “dialogue among individuals or groups by way of technology-facilitated channels” – social networks, […]

Twitter Proves Its Value for Small Business

After reading Guy Kawasaki’s article on Twitter as a Twool and mulling over attention diva Jason Calacanis’ search for more fame on Twitter, it really has finally sunk in that Twitter really is useful for businesses. If you have customers, products, or trade in your personal fame as a source of income, then social media […]