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A Guide to Changing Website Host from Shared to VPS Hosting

E-commerce and web hosting have both come a long way since the early days of the web. The original technologies that gave birth to the asynchronous, page-based architecture of the web formed a capable foundation for some truly innovative and powerful services that now make it possible to launch a business in record time. But […]

For Better Or Worse, Hubpages Makes The Move To Subdomains

Recently, I received an email from Hubpages.com letting me know that if I failed to migrate my account to a subdomain, it planned to do so automatically. This move reflects Hubpages’ efforts to rebuild its SEO after the farmer update gave them a fairly large hit. In theory, migrating everyone from URLs to sub-domains could work, […]

What ICANN’s Domain Name Expansion Really Means

Last week, ICANN, the regulatory body for Internet names, announced a massive of expansion of gTLDs (generic Top Level Domains) from the current 22 to a virtually unlimited range of possibilities. No longer bound by such familiar extensions as .com, .gov, .net, and .org, the new gTLDs can include virtually any name imaginable – a […]

Breaking News: Overstock Purchases Single Letter Domain O.CO for $350,000

There is nothing like a short URL to help increase retention in branding. Today Overstock banked on that announcing the purchase of O.CO and associated domains for $350,000. The move helps Overstock in two ways. It allows them to highlight further the O in their name which they have built a lot of branding around. […]

Domain Name ROI – 19,722% Return!

Back in May of 2007, I bought quite a bit of domain names that were expiring through the snapnames auction process. You may remember my post about our seriouscooks.com bidding that got out of control. I wanted to tell you about another domain I acquired back then, seoNY.com. When I saw seoNY.com available, I thought […]

From Super Affiliate to Coffee Baron?

Bill McClure, former Chairman of Traffic Strategies, which was sold to Linkshare one year ago, informed me this morning that he has just acquired Coffee.org for $100,000. That domain will make up his key international coffee distribution destination site and he will utilize another 650+ coffee related domains he has acquired to create a network […]

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ICANN: A Taste Will Cost You

ICANN adds pepper to domain tasting.

The Network Solutions Scandal

In case you missed it, there is a big scandal going on right now with network solutions. Apparently they implemented a process whereby when you search network solutions to find an available name, they actually register names immediately and hold them for 4 days so it can only be registered at Network Solutions. The scandal […]

Testing a New Strategy – Domain Parking vs Amazon’s aStore

I few months back I went on a binge of buying a bunch of expiring domain names with Google PR values and inbound links. I parked these domains at Sedo Pro, a great parking site that hosts your site, provides relevant pay per click advertising, and allows you control over the keyword list and look […]

Killer Combo: SedoPro Domain Parking Plus Adsense Accelerator

Having run an ISP in my past, and having worked at Network Solutions, I have a warm place in my heart for Domainers and have dabbled in the domaining business myself. In May I posted a story on my domain addiction. While I have pulled back a bit from my online auction addiction, having spent […]