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Here’s Why You Need to be Sending Email Newsletters (and a Few Tips)

Website: Check. Landing page: Check. Social media: Check. PPC ads: Check. Email newsletter: Wait, what? If you’re like thousands of other marketers, you’re fully invested in social media and conversion funnels. However, you probably haven’t thought twice about email marketing, and newsletters in particular. You may want to rethink this oversight, or you’ll deal with […]

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10 Tips for Awesome Email Automation

Due to falling Facebook reach and the fact SEO is increasingly risky – it’s no surprise that email marketing is set to have a very strong 2015. To take full advantage of email marketing you have a plan. This requires you to tailor your approach and for example avoid the traditional faux pas of sending […]

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10 Tips for Better Cart Abandonment Emails

Cart abandonment is a part and parcel of all ecommerce; however the way you deal with it is what separates a good business from a great business. By approaching cart abandonment in the right way you can prevent numbers of lost sales and sell more products. In fact, studies have shown that in some instances […]

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A-B Email Testing Basics

With spam emails being such a problem you would think that email marketing should be dead by now. Not only are the nice shiny email appliances that IT departments install blocking out emails that look like they are advertisements, but the recipients themselves are becoming immune to the noise that an abundance of email email […]

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Proper Email Management for Greater Efficiency

Email is both a great productivity tool and the world’s biggest time suck. It’s a conundrum that faces all businesses, whether they have one employee or tens of thousands. Without taking some steps to ensure its efficiency, businesses may find email getting in the way of meeting deadlines, goals and client needs. Despite it being […]

The Evolution of Email Marketing Into a Social Connection Platform

Long before Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, Twitter, and YouTube, there was a very basic form of social media called email. By simply copying other individuals on an email sent from one person to another, that email was distributed to a group. If any of those recipients forwarded the email to someone else, and so on and […]

WhaleShark Strikes Again, Snapping Up eConversions

WhaleShark Media expanded its international capacity this week with the announcement that it acquired eConversions, Ltd. Doing so gives WhaleShark two more coupon sites to add to the mix: VoucherCodes.co.uk and GutscheinCodes.de. eConversions was founded in 2004 by brothers Duncan and Max Jennings without outside investment. The United Kingdom’s largest coupon site, VoucherCodes appears to […]

Five Steps to Increased Traffic and Revenue

Anyone who has been in the online marketing business for some time now knows that the best techniques for making money online can change in an instant. While getting high volumes of unique web traffic was once the best way to increase your revenue, the best strategy today is to generate a devoted following of […]

What Paper.Li Is Missing And What You Can Do Better With Your Own Site

Each day I see Paper.li tweets showing up in Twitter.  I see the NoAdTax one or the Todd Farmer Daily.  There is the Affiliate Summit Speakers Paper.li and a ton of others.  What I like about them is that I get to see what my friends are interested in and I have also discovered some […]