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Doing Business That Matters


Ever since 1974 when Carr & Associates International, an organization owned by John Carr, started the first popular case of Cause Marketing, this phenomenon has continued to grow in leaps and bounds all around the world. Cause Marketing is simply explained as any marketing effort made for the purpose of social and charitable causes. It […]

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Two Mistakes that Will Derail Content Marketing

“Having good content on your website is an important factor in gaining credibility, trust and ultimately sales from the people who visit your site.” This statement provides the lead for a story on The Guardian’s Small Business Network and sums up what every business should be looking to achieve with their content marketing strategy. The […]

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Don’t Overlook Images in Content Marketing

Mention content marketing nowadays and you can safely assume that people are thinking of articles and blog posts. That is because these are the tactics most often used by businesses as a part of their content marketing strategy.

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Growth Hacking: Myths, Risks, and Tips for Startup Businesses

Although a relatively fresh approach on how online enterprises propel their status from an unknown fledgling to a big name, growth hacking is gradually gaining prominence as one of the preferred methods in advancing startup businesses. But before you press the panic button at the sight of the word “hacking”, take the time to learn […]

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What is Persuasive Marketing?

When you ask the average person about marketing, he/she would probably think of traditional advertising methods like commercials and print ads, and maybe even online methods such as banner ads and emails offering special promos. What most of these marketing tactics have in common is that they are interruptive and informational in nature.   They […]

4 Ways to Step Up Your Digital Marketing in 2014

It’s the the final stretch of 2013, and you might be already be thinking about New Year’s resolutions. And if you’re a marketer or an entrepreneur, you’re certainly thinking about how you’re going to do business in 2014 — new markets you’re going to crack in to, new campaigns you’re going to launch, new partnerships […]

SEO is Good, SEO + PPC is Better

It is undeniably true that having strong SEO is a good thing. Having a powerful search engine presence helps keep you visible. It also gives your business the marketing advantage to magically appear before your customers’ eyes when they are searching for you, or your product, online. Sounds like the perfect way to market your […]

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“Last in” Affiliate Attribution Needs a Second Look

One of the hottest marketing topics in 2013 is attribution, or which marketing channel (or channels) gets credit for a single sale.  Attention to attribution is skyrocketing in marketing organizations, because in many companies reporting has been set up so that every channel claims 100% of the final sale, even when their efforts were only […]

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6 Fast & Easy Ways To Boost Your Adwords CTR

Increasing your CTR shouldn’t be rocket science, a few small tweaks here and there typically does the trick.  Here are my six fast and easy ways (each one can be done under 5 minutes) to help you lower your costs while optimizing your Adwords campaigns.  Ready, set, prepare for liftoff… 1) Use Ad Extensions Enhance […]

Guest Blogging – A Boon to The SEO Fraternity

When it comes to Guest Blogging, many people believe they know everything about the strategy. However, there are certain things overlooked by most bloggers while trying to get back links through guest blogging. With the upcoming Penguin 2.0 updates, there is a need to strategize some fool proof techniques for the long run. Is Guest […]