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Spring Comes Early Online: 3 Marketing Trends Bloom in 2012

Taken in combination, these three major market shifts will make 2012 significant as the starting point of a fundamentally different time for online marketing. From this point forward, online advertising will dominate, social e-commerce will emerge as not only viable but preferable, and the mobile platform will be commonly accepted and utilized for advertising. Online marketers who know how to take advantage of these areas will be in a position to flourish.

Stop Engaging, Start Selling: Get Social Media ROI in 2012

Sales is not a dirty word. Selling on social media does not exclude the idea of having some fun. And no, success is not as easy as being engaging and having personality—stop saying it is! The global economy and financial markets are about to collapse, jobs are scarce, and consumer spending remains weak. Enter the […]

3 Reasons to Not Outsource Your Blog

Thinking about outsourcing your blogging to a third party? Think twice. Effective blogging and content marketing strategies should not be outsourced. You may be struggling to create a constant stream of content that effectively generates leads and sales. But you want to keep that very strategic process in house, within your control. Here’s why. Most […]

Tradedoubler Launches The Zoo Project, UK’s First Affiliate Marketing Incubator

Tradedoubler, the largest UK performance marketing network, announced the launch of the first UK incubator focused on entrepreneurial affiliate marketing companies. The Zoo Project  will provide £1 million of business resources and industry mentoring services for up to 20 affiliate marketing start-up companies that apply between now and January 6, 2012.  Business resources will include […]

The 3 Habits of Successful Social Media Sellers

There is a simple way to make social media sell for you. It’s practical enough that any business can gain benefits regardless of target market, products, services or size. It is the key to selling more with tools like Facebook, Twitter, podcasts, YouTube, LinkedIn, and blogs. If you’re going to be successful at anything in […]

Pay-Per-Call Programs: We’re Not Just Talking Clicks Anymore

A little over a year ago, I wrote about my getting started with pay-per-call in the article Pay-Per-Call Programs from the Trenches. At the time, many of performance marketing networks I work with were jumping on board and offering pay-per-call programs. I must admit, I was a bit skeptical at first, and at the beginning […]

News Brief: Rakuten Acquires UK’s Play.com for £39 Million

Rakuten, the Internet service company announced September 21  that it has bought Play.com a UK retailer for £39 million. Play is one of the UK’s largest retailers, selling a wide range of goods from music and books to electronics, clothing, and accessories. Play was founded in 1998 and headquartered in Jersey. Hiroshi Mikitani, Chairman and […]

Twitter’s Changing Revenue Model Signals No More Free Rides

Once upon a time, all of the information on the Internet was free. So were a lot of other useful things, like Google, Facebook and Twitter. Those days are gone. True, information, apps, programs, and networks appear to be free, since you don’t actually pay to use them. But it seems as if everything that’s […]

Getting Sales And Marketing To Cooperate for Trade Shows: Can’t We All Just Get Along?

The extent of a company’s trade show success can be directly linked to in-house collaboration with colleagues, departments, management and at times outside consultants. Unless there is cooperation and communication with all key stakeholders within a company, a trade show initiative has no chance of achieving its full potential. Sales and Marketing: The “Primary Players” […]

The Future for Affiliates: Part 1 Overcoming Hard Times

Unfortunately for affiliates, the last few years have seen many, mostly detrimental, changes in the affiliate marketing channel. Networks became affiliates themselves, failing to see the obvious conflict. The bad players (like cookie thieves) multiplied and got smarter. Merchants opened up other profit channels and partnerships, making what we affiliates refer to as “leaks” the […]