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Google’s App Inventor Might Be a Game Changer

Led by Apple’s App Store, which stocks about 250,000 applications, applications across all platforms  are here to stay and help you pass the time while traveling or while stuck in the midst of a boring meeting. Google’s latest announcement that its App Inventor will allow almost anyone to build an app will be a boon […]

Revival of the Fittest: iPad Breathes New Life into Popular Magazines

Most print publications have been bleeding red ink for a long time. Some of them have thrown in the towel and gone out of business. But now the iPad is breathing new life into print publications, especially magazines. As usual, it appears that Apple is once again re-shaping the way we consume and interact with […]

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Are Real Time Ads A Game Changer?

Suppose a prospective customer of yours searches on the web for a category that your product or service is in. Or, maybe the person does a search on one of your direct competitors. Wouldn’t it be nice to know that – and to place an ad for your product right then? That possibility is now […]

Apps Compete and Innovate for Twitter

One of the most interesting social media battles gearing up online is not between Twitter and Facebook, but between all of the applications competing to help you manage your networking lives. This is because Twitter has spawned an ecosystem of highly innovative application developers. The list is already long and growing, with Seesmic Desktop, Echofon […]

FTC Sounds Off on Online Behavioral Advertising Privacy Issues

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has upped the ante in the effort to regulate consumer privacy in the online behavioral advertising space. Not that you would guess it from the title of the FTC’s latest guidelines, which are billed as industry “self-regulatory principles for online behavioral advertising.”  However, at the very end of the FTC’s […]

SEO Concerns and Product Update Issues with Affiliate Product Data Feeds

A visitor of my site who read some of my product data feed resources contacted me with an interesting question about how to deal with availability and SEO issues when you are utilizing merchant product feeds. If I build a website with an affiliate data feed of an example: 10,000 different digital camera products. How […]

How eBooks and Digital Publishing will Disrupt Traditional Book Publishing

Recent launches of Amazon’s Kindle 2 eBook reader and its Sony counterpart, the Reader Digital Book, have satisfied the wants and needs of bleeding edge consumers with longer battery life and enhanced text readability. But how much are they expected to disrupt traditional print-based media like books and newspaper? More importantly, will they significantly influence […]

Kindling an Interest in eBooks

From an online revenue perspective, eBooks today represent a small market. Amazon is out to change that. The e-commerce giant, doing well despite a sagging economy, recently introduced Kindle 2. This next-generation reading device comes with a library of over 240,000 books, worldwide newspapers, magazines, and blogs. It’s got 3G wireless for book downloading, an […]

eComXpo 2009 – The Virtual Tradeshow for Internet Marketers – Now Open

Currently going on at eComXpo.com is the latest installment of the eComXpo virtual tradeshow for internet marketers, which happens entirely online in the realms of cyberspace. No travelling required,  no hotel room to book… none of those hassles. Today is the first day of the show and it will be continued tomorrow. Admission for attendees […]

Your Global Workforce!

Imagine a site where you could define a project, application, or task you wanted to have completed and a global workforce of talent would bid on doing the project on an hourly or fixed cost basis.  You then get to review their qualifications, interview them, and see what others have said about the projects they have […]