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What Do Dieting and Social Media Marketing Have in Common?

What Do Dieting and Social Media Marketing Have in Common? Stop the Insanity! “It’s official. It’s now impossible to keep up with the irrelevant data, false claims, illogical conclusions, and plain bad journalism associated with positive claims about social media,” says Robert Bacal, CEO of Bacal and Associates. It’s hard to not feel just like […]

The Social Media Revolution Was A Lie: Here’s What to do Next

Social media’s “game-changing” ability is so overstated and sensationalized that what you’re doing with it, right now, is probably working against your interests. How can this be? There is no money in your knowing the truth: The Social Media Revolution is a lie. Need proof? Look around. Where’s the revolution in your business? People actually acquiring customers and selling using Facebook, blogs, YouTube, and LinkedIn know the truth; they know something most of us don’t.

Want to Sell with Social Media? Get Back to Basics

Knowing how to update your Facebook page, write an engaging blog, or create a viral YouTube video is, commercially speaking, worthless without knowing how to make them produce sales. Right? The truth is this: social media’s sudden arrival and instant popularity is causing most corporate marketing managers, executives, and small business owners to lose perspective on the ultimate goal—selling. In this struggling economy, putting bread on the table trumps being most “liked” or highly “engaged with.” Doesn’t it?

Stop Engaging, Start Selling: Get Social Media ROI in 2012

Sales is not a dirty word. Selling on social media does not exclude the idea of having some fun. And no, success is not as easy as being engaging and having personality—stop saying it is! The global economy and financial markets are about to collapse, jobs are scarce, and consumer spending remains weak. Enter the […]

Generating Sales & Leads with Content Marketing and Social Media

Social Media Tools

My colleague, Allan Dick of Vintage Tub and Bath, told me Amanda Kensella, the one-woman marketing department for Ohio-based Logan Services, was selling heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) systems and service contracts on Facebook. He said she discovered a practical way to generate a constant stream of inbound, locally-focused leads using an integrated approach to […]

Affiliate Program Management, An Hour a Day—Helpful to Both Novices and Experts

If you need a comprehensive, up-to-date, practical guide to planning, running and improving your affiliate marketing program you’ll be wise to consider Geno Prussakov’s latest book, Affiliate Program Management, An Hour a Day. While I’m not particularly fond of the trendy “hour-a-day” genre (I don’t believe anything can done effectively in an hour a day) […]

Pay-Per-Call Programs: We’re Not Just Talking Clicks Anymore

A little over a year ago, I wrote about my getting started with pay-per-call in the article Pay-Per-Call Programs from the Trenches. At the time, many of performance marketing networks I work with were jumping on board and offering pay-per-call programs. I must admit, I was a bit skeptical at first, and at the beginning […]

CPA Network Swish Marketing Ordered To Pay $4.8 Million In Fines, Changes Name

After many complaints, followed by a full investigation, the FTC announced last month the final court order involving allegations of deceptive marketing by Swish Marketing and its officers: Mark Benning, Matthew Patterson, and Jason Strober. In large part damned by their own words via email and IM, this trio must pay $4.8 million in fines […]

Check’em Out: 3 Reasons To Test A Merchant’s Service Prior To Working With Them

In my search for a better health insurance policy,  I got quotes through one of my affiliate links. Going through the process reminded me that testing and re-testing merchants and vendors on your site remains one of the most basic things you can do to build a site with repeat traffic. I did end up […]

Getting Sales And Marketing To Cooperate for Trade Shows: Can’t We All Just Get Along?

The extent of a company’s trade show success can be directly linked to in-house collaboration with colleagues, departments, management and at times outside consultants. Unless there is cooperation and communication with all key stakeholders within a company, a trade show initiative has no chance of achieving its full potential. Sales and Marketing: The “Primary Players” […]