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Cashing Out: Week of December 11th – 17th 2011 in Online Marketing News

Zynga’s IPO less than stellar Social gaming company Zynga made its stock market debut December 16, and its disappointing performance has led some, like Mashable, to question whether the the IPO signals “the end of the social media bubble.” Having raised $1 billion, and setting its shares at $10 a pop prior to its first […]

Cashing Out: Week of November 20th – 27th 2011 in Online Marketing News

Facebook’s Sponsored Stories appear in real-time Ticker November 21, Facebook’s Sponsored Stories went where they’ve never gone before – to the social network’s real-time Ticker. The paid ad format has been around since last year, using content from your Facebook contacts to add a little relevance and interest to messages from brands. For example, if […]

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Cashing Out: Week of November 13th – 19th 2011 in Online Marketing News

Top sites protest SOPA The US Senate met November 16 to discuss a bill that has the tech community up in arms. The Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA), which builds on the Protect IP Act introduced earlier this year, would essentially block Americans from viewing websites that contain copyrighted material. On their website, the House […]

Cashing Out: Week of November 6th – 12th 2011 in Online Marketing News

AOL, Microsoft and Yahoo sign three-way ad deal In what is being touted as a “mega display ad deal,” and “the newest ad exchange on the block,” AOL, Microsoft and Yahoo announced a new deal November 8 that will allow all parties to pool their unsold display ad inventory and sell it at scale, starting […]

Cashing Out: Week of October 9th – 15th 2011 in Online Marketing News

EBay announces X.commerce and Facebook partnership EBay representatives took the stage at its new developer conference Innovate on October 12 to announce both a new platform and a new partnership. The company’s CEO John Donahoe took the opportunity to formally introduce X.commerce. Powered by eBay, PayPal, Magento, and GSI commerce, among others, eBay hopes the […]

News Brief: Affiliate Nexus Tax and Illinois Unemployment Figures

The US Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics released a chart of unemployment figures for Illinois from January 2010 to July 2011.  The chart shows a sharp decline in employment. The affiliate industry has grabbed those figures and highlighted the dates the state tax hike was enacted and the when the Affiliate Nexus Tax […]

Risky Communication: Protecting Digital Attorney-Client Privilege

Our digital connection to work is often so constant that we forget to draw the line between personal and professional. You may want to draw that line more clearly based on a recent ethics opinion released by the American Bar Association (ABA). In short (full opinion), the ABA tells attorneys that they need advise clients […]

What California’s One Year Tax Reprieve Really Means For Affiliates and Amazon

For the first time since June, California affiliates can breathe a sigh of relief. In a move that recognizes the massive pushback against its version of the Amazon tax, California’s legislature passed and Governor Jerry Brown signed AB 155, putting many of the 25,000 affiliates back into business immediately. AB 155 repeals the law (ABX 1 […]

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Cashing Out: Week of September 4th – 10th 2011 in Online Marketing News

Amazon given temporary reprieve from California affiliate tax ReveNews reported last week on Amazon’s negotiations with California legislators regarding the state’s affiliate nexus tax law. Now, as the Los Angeles Times reported September 8, state law-makers and Amazon have reached an agreement that could give Amazon and other online retailers a one-year reprieve from collecting […]

Cashing Out: Week of August 28th – September 3rd 2011 in Online Marketing News

DOJ: AT&T T-mobile merger would raise prices, reduce quality In the game of mergers and acquisitions, sometimes hammering out the terms of a deal is only half the battle. The proposed acquisition of T-Mobile by AT&T, worth $39 billion, was announced back in March, but the merger was still subject to regulatory approval. Now, with […]