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What You Need to Know About Search & Beacons for Your Marketing Plan

As the leader of a small business, you want to take advantage of the opportunities that technology gives you, but it is overwhelming to stay on top of new trends. Your best bet is to start small and take actions that are less time-intensive but offer significant rewards. For example, improve your search marketing and […]

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Best Marketing Campaigns: What Offline Tells the Online Marketer

The best marketing campaigns are synchronized online and offline marketing campaigns that take hints from each other. These integrated marketing efforts cover all bases without missing a step, filling in the holes that each strategy might have alone. However, some marketers put too much faith in the online portion of a campaign. There are some […]

The Best Local SEO Practices 2016

With more people performing searches on their phones, local SEO is bigger than ever and more important to businesses than ever before. These tips are there to create a smoother and smarter SEO effort in 2016 – take a look at these tips. The Trends Say, “Go Mobile!” Having a mobile-friendly campaign is not just […]

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Pique Your Customers’ Palates with These Website Strategies

Putting your best practices forward is imperative, especially when you work in a business with as much competition as the restaurant industry. Preparing divine food and offering impeccable service are parts of the process, but so is establishing a website that directly addresses the needs of your current and prospective customers. 1. Gear the website […]

5 SEO Elements Your Local Business Might Be Missing

5 SEO Elements Your Local Business Might Be Missing

As business owners, you rarely have time for anything else. If you’re not managing your shop (whether on- or offline), you are out with friends and family. Life is a constant balancing act. It’s not uncommon to lose sight of important things, like eating right or taking a vacation. The same can be said for […]

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How To Correctly Use Call Tracking For Enhanced Local SEO

Local SEO and marketing activities are more important than ever, with Google placing great emphasis on localised searches. Obviously the mobile marketing revolution has played a significant role in driving local search with recent statistics showing that: “1 in 3 mobile searches are local searches” (source). Furthermore, these searches are sending different types of traffic […]

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Common Local SEO Mistakes to Avoid


The wonderful thing about Local SEO is that it truly allows the small local mom and pop business to maximise their effectiveness in the SERPs and compete with the internationals. However, it’s necessary to remember than an SEO strategy is a highly personal one and the one size fits all cap doesn’t work. Limited time, […]

Can Customers Find You? How Mobile Search Leads to Local Results

Mobile Search

We should be clear: mobile search and local search are not the same things. It is critical to understand, however, that the vast majority of searches done on mobile phones produce local results first. Google dominates roughly 98 percent of the mobile search market. (Yes, that qualifies as domination). And Google clearly favors returning local results first on a smartphone. Their assumption is simple and usually accurate. People are looking for products immediately and products near them.

Want to Sell with Social Media? Get Back to Basics

Knowing how to update your Facebook page, write an engaging blog, or create a viral YouTube video is, commercially speaking, worthless without knowing how to make them produce sales. Right? The truth is this: social media’s sudden arrival and instant popularity is causing most corporate marketing managers, executives, and small business owners to lose perspective on the ultimate goal—selling. In this struggling economy, putting bread on the table trumps being most “liked” or highly “engaged with.” Doesn’t it?

Getting Local with Your Web Analytics

Every local business owner is looking to increase traffic to their stores, offices, and websites. With myriad ways to accomplish this on the internet, it’s more important now than ever to get a good handle on your web analytics. Segmenting Out High Value Traffic From Google Analytics to Piwik, and most other web analytics programs […]