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My colleague, Allan Dick of Vintage Tub and Bath, told me Amanda Kensella, the one-woman marketing department for Ohio-based Logan Services, was selling heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) systems and service contracts on Facebook. He said she discovered a practical way to generate a constant stream of inbound, locally-focused leads using an integrated approach to […]

The 3 Habits of Successful Social Media Sellers

There is a simple way to make social media sell for you. It’s practical enough that any business can gain benefits regardless of target market, products, services or size. It is the key to selling more with tools like Facebook, Twitter, podcasts, YouTube, LinkedIn, and blogs. If you’re going to be successful at anything in […]

Using Data To Build A Better Online Business

Online marketers that understand how to use data to improve their online business are reaping the benefits. No longer are they relying on emotional hunches to make choices. They are making informed decisions about their businesses and where to invest their efforts because they understand how to collect and use data analytics to their advantage. […]

6 Events that Shifted the Online Marketing Landscape in 2010

The marketing industry was rocked in 2010 by an influx of significant events that changed the way we do business. The following list is my picks for the 6 Events that Shifted the Online Marketing Landscape in 2010. 1) Net Neutrality and the FCC’s rulings Net Neutrality isn’t sexy enough to stay in the foreground […]

Google, Wikileaks, and Location Wars: Lessons learned from 2010

It’s been a helluva year, and not just for Google and Facebook. We’ve seen location based services (LBS) goes more mainstream, the rise of Groupon, and the dirty laundry of politicians and diplomats aired out on the worldwide interwebs. So what exactly can we learn from the year of 2010? Well, a few things. Google […]

$6B for Groupon? Is Google Crazy?

Social Shopping is clearly heating up!  Rumors are flying that Google is prepared to pony  up $6 billion dollars for Groupon, the market leader in local deal sites.  This would mark Google’s largest acquisition to date and value Groupon at nearly 2 times the $3.1 Billion Google paid for DoubleClick and almost 3.5 times the […]

Milo vs. Google vs. Affiliates, Let the Coupon War Begin!

No one understands the coupon space better than affiliates. Couponing has in many ways been the bread and butter for the affiliate industry for years. Despite this, coupon affiliates have always had one big issue in promoting big box merchants: what to do about those that offer online ordering with offline pickups. Often the merchants […]

Checking In…or Checking Out?

Are location-based services like Foursquare and Gowalla just a short-lived fad – or have they simply not yet reached their potential? A new report indicates, that despite an over abundance of online media coverage, only 4 percent of online adults use such services to check in, and only 1 percent of Internet consumers check in […]

Facebook Loads Up Its Arsenal and Pulls the Trigger on Deals

While speculation ran rampant about what would be revealed at the Facebook mobile conference held on Wednesday, Nov. 3; the big announcement was pretty much as expected: Facebook is adding Deals to Facebook Places. Effective immediately, says Facebook, “local businesses will be able to offer you deals when you check in to their place on […]

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Google Takes a Bite Out of the Local Market with Place Search

Back in August Facebook positioned itself to become a leader in localization, competing head-to-head with services like Foursquare and Gowalla, with the introduction of Facebook Places. As I wrote at the time, Facebook was clearly staking a claim in the local business market, a move that is necessary from a revenue perspective. But it also […]