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The Death and Re-Birth of Book Publishing

We’re not even at the end of Q1, and 2011 has already been a rough year for the book retailers. But while retailers struggle and fold, there might be new opportunities on the horizon for publishers and authors alike, and a publishing phoenix just might still rise from the ashes of yet. In February, Borders […]

Watch Out Danica Patrick! Network Solutions has Hottie Cloris Leachman and Her “Sisters”

For several years GoDaddy has scored hits with it’s “see more” videos offering to show glimpses of spokes model Danica Patrick and other models in “hotter” situations than television allows. Although the videos were questionable in taste, they were a hit and increased sales mostly due to efforts of GoDaddy’s affiliates. The fact that the […]

What Flickr Might Have Been and How Yahoo Is Slowly Burying It

The photo-sharing site Flickr may be following a path eerily similar to its troubled parent Yahoo! In December, Flickr’s unique U.S. visitor traffic dropped 16 percent, to 21.3 million, compared to a year ago, according to the New York Times. In contrast, Facebook’s photo-sharing capabilities saw a 92 percent increase for the same time period. […]

How Wikileaks Is A Napster Moment For Democracy And What That Means For Net Neutrality

Wikileaks’ recent release of confidential cables hasn’t been that different from a newspaper publishing a story based on a confidential source. It’s just been a lot bigger. And the fallout is proving to be a Napster moment for democracy with net neutrality hanging in the balance. Wikileaks & the Fight for Net Neutrality In an […]

Social Media Numbers: Don’t Retweet Everything You See

You might have seen the following article headlined in a friend’s Twitter stream: “Twitter Crushes Facebook for Marketing” or with another variation of the slug: “Although Facebook has a larger social media presence and more users, Twitter gives businesses more clicks.” Entrepreneur.com republished this article on December 10, 2010, after its initial publication as a […]

On The Verge: eBooks No Longer A Passing Fancy

With almost $1 billion in sales, eBooks are here to stay whether book lovers (of the physical kind) like it or not. Google’s announcement Monday that it’s now a viable eBook contender only adds to the overall sense that the channels for eBooks are growing. Of particular interest is the 15 million books secured through […]

Google Gearing Up For The Online Video Wars With Miramax Bid

It is no surprise that online video is rapidly becoming a commodity, thanks to ever-increasing broadband capacity and wide acceptance of Internet-enabled mobile phones. Increasingly, televisions are becoming conduits for streamed video as well, via streaming devices, players and DVRs, or through newly available IETV (Internet Enabled TV). Now streamed video is becoming the latest […]

Augmented Reality Threatens Physical Property Rights

We’ve seen what digital media has done to intellectual property rights: rampant copyright infringement, countless lawsuits, and the rise of Creative Commons as a mainstream license. But what’s digital media going to do to physical property rights, such as real estate? Sounds sensational, I know, but as the web grows increasingly mobile, and augmented reality […]

Nielsen Ups The Ante In The Online Measurement Game

From those wonderful folks who gave us the de facto standard in television ratings comes “Nielsen Online Campaign Ratings,” announced last week. This is tacit recognition by a major force in the measurement business that the online world is now worth measuring. Of course, online marketers have known this all along. But despite lots of […]

Despite Phenomenal Growth Brands Slow to Adopt iPad

Since the iPad’s release in April 2010, 3.27 million units have been sold. Morgan Stanley analysts predict that 16 million units will be sold within the first year of the product’s release, and that the iPad is on target to become the world’s most popular mobile device. In terms of usage statistics, a study conducted […]