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A Real Disruption: AOL Acquires TechCrunch

TechCrunch Disrupt opened this week with the much-ado about nothing known as AngelGate. But the real disruption at this year’s TechCrunch Disrupt isn’t due to supposed cabal like meetings by Super Angel investors in Silicon Valley. The real disruption comes courtesy of AOL who announced its purchase of TechCrunch. Om Malik of GigaOM first broke […]

Should We Care About IETV?

The ads for 3D television seem to have come and gone, but we’re just now beginning to see promotions for IETV (Internet Enabled TV). There’s a good reason for that: Industry data suggests that consumers are more interested in connectivity than in 3D. iSuppli Corp. says shipments of Internet Enabled TVs could approach 28 million […]

Why Pick Paywall When Other Options Abound?

According to an article in the Independent , Rupert Murdoch’s paywall at The Times has alienated advertisers, news sources, and even journalists that work there. These reported problems stem from a reported drop in traffic due to  the paywall, publicists worried that their client stories won’t be seen due to the paywall, and that journalists […]

The Digital Tsunami

Look at the latest moves by Amazon, Apple, and USA TODAY, all reported in the past week. They have a commonality that suggests traditional communications are being swept away by a digital tsunami of historic proportions. Amazon is readying a web-based subscription service that will deliver content via a web browser or through new televisions […]

10 Reasons Why Google’s Newspass Might Fail

The other day, we covered how Google is testing a new paywall system for newspaper called Newspass. But given where the newspaper industry is headed, there’s a very a plausible chance that Google is coming too late to the party. Essentially, newspapers have struggled with their online revenues because they’ve been unable to successfully implement […]

Adoption By Media Give Tumblr High Hopes

In today’s digital world the hottest new thing often has a lifespan that is equivalent to how long buzz about it trends on Twitter. Certain movements that were once cutting edge fall to the wayside or become part of the daily routine without much fanfare. Blogs seem to have fallen into that element of routine. […]

Flattr Me, If You Have The Cash

Flattr, which bills itself as “social micropayments”, is starting to gain press coverage due to some recent “wins” by bloggers in the system. For those of you who haven’t heard about the service, readers pay $2 or more a month into the service, and when they see and click on a flattr button on a […]

2010 US Ad Spending Declines, Lags Global Growth Rates

It looks like while US ad spends will drop again in 2010, but global ad spend is on the rise. And the two main drivers of this growth, are digital and developing markets. However, it also looks like a lot of that growth might escape publishers and ad networks. Unbalanced Growth Late last week, Ad […]

Revival of the Fittest: iPad Breathes New Life into Popular Magazines

Most print publications have been bleeding red ink for a long time. Some of them have thrown in the towel and gone out of business. But now the iPad is breathing new life into print publications, especially magazines. As usual, it appears that Apple is once again re-shaping the way we consume and interact with […]

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Diversified Ad Revenues & Social News Organizations (part 5)

So far in our series on Social News Organizations (SNOs), we’ve looked at how SEO, social media, and mobile apps could all be used to drive and retain registered users, and collect user data for hyper-targeting ads. Well, today we consider how SNOs can use these different channels and the user data available through them […]