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How to Drive Traffic and Leads with Microcontent

Whether it’s one powerful message, image, or a 10-second video, microcontent is a kind of short-based communication that’s optimized and specially designed for social media to fight information overload. Essentially, microcontent is any published or public content that’s delivered in small bites. The primary goal is to capture the attention of your target audience as […]

Guest Blogging – A Boon to The SEO Fraternity

When it comes to Guest Blogging, many people believe they know everything about the strategy. However, there are certain things overlooked by most bloggers while trying to get back links through guest blogging. With the upcoming Penguin 2.0 updates, there is a need to strategize some fool proof techniques for the long run. Is Guest […]

Why Long-Form Writing Still Matters

This coming year is likely to be one of evolution. As services mature, policies change, and new ideas try to break through, we’re required to adapt. But one adaptation I’m hoping we resist is the wholesale adoption of short-form brevity at the expense of long-form revelation. What do I mean by that? Yes, I love my Twitter […]

Cashing Out: Week of December 4th – 10th 2011 in Online Marketing News

Twitter shakes things up with Brand Pages, self-serve ads Twitter announced a major redesign December 8, and it seems the social network has seen fit to tweak nearly every area of its platform. Among the changes, some will affect users most, whereas others are certainly geared to marketers. While Facebook has had Pages for brands for […]

Virtual Goods Show Potential, Haven’t Yet Crossed The Chasm

With 350 million users playing social games on Zynga alone, and over 68 million social gamers in the U.S., the social gaming world looks to hold the potential for vast wealth. eMarketer expects the U.S. virtual goods market, which is the economic engine behind social games, to hit $653 million in sales in 2011.  After […]

PayPal Mobilizes With Zong

Smartphones are finally paying off the promise of one-device connectivity and the mobile consumer has emerged. The next great mobility wave — paying on the go — is now upon us. In May, Google announced Google Wallet, a product that essentially turns a Droid into a mobile payment device. At the time it was the […]

Post Paywall Hits Up iPad Users For More Dough But Does The Math Make Sense?

The bizarre attempt by the New York Post to boost iPad app sales both entertained and surprised me. It seems that someone at the Post believes it’s worth singling out iPad users and forcing them to subscribe via an app. If you haven’t experienced the extortion firsthand, Dave Winer posted a screenshot of what happened […]

Google Wallet: Timely or Ahead of Its Time?

In January, I wrote about Google’s potential leg up in the NFC (Near Field Communications) space because of the company’s NFC-friendly Android operating system. Now Google has introduced a real product that leverages that technology. It’s called Google Wallet and it essentially turns a Droid into a mobile payment device. You wave your phone instead […]

Sneak Peek At Square’s Data Reveals The Challenges Of Payments Business

Micropayments, commerce, and conventional payment providers sometimes track me down on LinkedIn to discuss  innovation in payments. When I get a chance to chat in person, the best discussions come from the entrepreneurs who see opportunity in shaking up how payments are done or addressing under-served groups like the “unbanked” (those without an account at a bank […]

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When Is A 0.82% Conversion Rate from Free Trial To Paid Subscription A Win?

In answer to the headline, it is when your target is 0.2 percent, but is that low of a conversion rate a sustainable business? In a paidContent article last week about the UK Times paywall the meager conversion of 0.82 percent of iPad users from trial to paid users was cited as a win, beating […]