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SXSW Preview Day 5: Facebook, Personal Data, and Your Wallet

Doc Searls

We’re more likely to buy something when it’s been recommended by someone we know. So with the incredible growth of Facebook, why hasn’t social-based commerce taken over the world? In the session Social Commerce: Not Yet Taking Off Like Farmville, you’ll gain a better understanding of what’s working and what’s not when it comes to social commerce.

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Virtual Goods, Offers, and Scams: Part 2

In the last post I provided some background on offers and the confusion they may cause. I also pointed out the potential for scams. In this article, I’ll put a little more focus into the complexity of the offer systems and show another example of how confusing offers could lead to complaints.  For the sake […]

Listen to What the Consumer Wants

I’ve periodically written about the plight of print publishers and their reluctant move to the digital world. One of the looming issues for these publishers when they make the transition to online content is how to get consumers to pay for it. This all may be coming to a head in 2010. According to a […]

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“Pay-what-you-want” Drives 57,000 Game Sales in a Week

In a win for micropayments, World of Goo, a top 10 PC game for January this year and popular seller on WiiWare, the Wii game store, was sold in an experiment to see what people would pay for their popular game by giving them the option to choose what to pay for the game. The […]

Social Media and Microfinancing

The growing business use of social media may be just the beginning of a shift in the way worldwide commerce is conducted. By its very nature, social media encourages individuals to collaborate and help each other. Why shouldn’t this ability extend to assistance with business ventures? This is the principle behind microfinancing – a concept […]

Virtual Chat Room Monetization: Micro-windfall or mega bucks?

Offerpal and IMVU have announced they are teaming up to monetize virtual chat rooms. While many people will grasp the potential of where this is leading, many more will question if this is a micro-windfall or a future of mega bucks. I believe that the answer is mega bucks, but with a caveat. Way back […]

TweetBucks: Good for business or good for Twitter abuse?

There’s a new affiliate on the prowl, and it means serious business – at least for itself. TweetBucks has come up with a great business model to leverage Twitter to make itself money. Marketers who use TweetBucks “make 70% of the affiliate commissions every time a click on your shortened link results in a sale” […]

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There’s Micropayments in Them Games

Spare Change, the self-described “first and largest micro-payments system for social networks” will be acquired by PlaySpan, which monetizes virtual worlds, online games, and social networks and gonna be a micro-transaction party. While the acquisition may seem to be an odd move since the companies are processing around $80 million in combined transactions, the truth […]

Is Pricey New Micropayment Site Worth the Shopping Entertainment?

A new kind of micropayment is apparently getting traction, through the site Swoopo, where users pay $0.75 each time they bid for an auction item. That’s right; you pay $0.75 for the entertainment pleasure of bidding, regardless if you win. VentureBeat reminded me of Swoopo in their recent article. The basic idea is both brilliant […]

Accretion Disks and Siding With the Spiders

The curse of being curious is that it is very difficult to translate and communicate wonder. Having been an 8th grade science teacher and then a college professor of religious studies, I’ve faced that difficult chasm many times over the years. However, working on a daily basis with marketers and advertisers mostly interested in one […]