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3 Convincing Reasons for Texting Your Customers

Text Message

Some of the top marketing trends for 2014 all have one thing in common: They’re perfect for SMS. Marketing experts and analysts definitely expect 2014 to be the year of mobile — which, of course, for marketers, means that 2014 is the year of mobile marketing. They’re expecting customers to research and comparison shop from […]

The Importance of International Mobile Search Marketing

The International Telecoms Union predicts that there will be more mobile subscriptions than there are people in the world by midway through 2014. This startling statistic doesn’t mean that every individual will own a mobile device of course. Many people have multiple subscriptions and in the Commonwealth of Independent States – the alliance of countries […]

Affiliate Mobile Strategies for Advertisers – What Works Best?

Affiliate marketing

Savvy advertisers are wasting no time catching the mobile marketing wave surging over American e-commerce. As the public takes to their mobile devices, so must advertisers follow — and never has the trend been more apparent. Almost three-quarters of American consumers now rely on location-based services from their smartphones, notes the Pew Internet and American […]

Tradedoubler Incentivises Mobile App Downloads and In-App Purchases

Tradedoubler, the leading UK affiliate network, has announced that they’ve developed and launched a new program that extends affiliate tracking into the mobile app space. Their new technology allows advertisers to compensate affiliates for mobile app installs as well as in-app purchases. This is exciting news for the performance marketing industry. Affiliates watching the amazing […]

The Battle for Mobile Search Superiority

Mobile Search

It should come as no surprise that everything that once was on the desktop is now in a highly portable form. Smartphone and tablet users have literally mobile-ized and are leading the next wave of Internet connectivity. The rapid move to mobile brings with it a new emphasis on mobile search. Jason Wells recently wrote […]

What You Need to Know About Mobile Search

Mobile Search

I’ve spoken and written about mobile marketing a lot lately on our blog, BlogMyCalls, and I find that one of the biggest mistakes marketers make is not paying attention to mobile search. Hopefully this article will change that. By the end of 2013 mobile Internet usage will surpass desktop Internet usage. At the same time […]

Previewing SES New York: Jason Wells, ContactPoint CEO, Talks Mobile

This week marks the beginning of SES New York. Over the three days of panels, SES will also offer panels five tracks. To get a sense of what you can expect from SES New York, the event organizers put us in touch with panelist Jason Wells, CEO of ContactPoint. Jason will participate on the panel Driving Mobile Traffic: SEO and PPC.

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Cashing Out: Week of March 4th – 10th 2012 in Online Marketing News

Google rebrands Android Market as Play Google announced this week that, as of March 6, that it would be grouping all of its digital media services, including the Android Market, under the new banner of Google Play. Rather than continuing to separate its various content offerings in category-specific stores – such as the Android App […]

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Cashing Out: February 26th to March 3rd 2012 in Online Marketing News

This week’s top story: Facebook’s new focus is squarely on brands Facebook Timeline for brands, and real-time analytics ReveNews reported in February that Facebook would soon be opening up its Timeline format to brands and that time has come. With their first ever Facebook Marketing Conference (FMC) held in New York February 29, and leading […]

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SXSW Preview Day 5: Facebook, Personal Data, and Your Wallet

Doc Searls

We’re more likely to buy something when it’s been recommended by someone we know. So with the incredible growth of Facebook, why hasn’t social-based commerce taken over the world? In the session Social Commerce: Not Yet Taking Off Like Farmville, you’ll gain a better understanding of what’s working and what’s not when it comes to social commerce.