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Cashing Out: Week of February 12th – 18th 2012 in Online Marketing News

Googorola deal gets green light in Europe and the US The proposed merger between Google and Motorola is moving full steam ahead, following the announcement this week that the deal has been approved by both the European Commission and the US Department of Justice (DOJ). The news that the deal had been approved in Europe […]

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Consumers and Retailers Buy Into Mobile in a Big Way

Even as Facebook dominated the news last week with its long-awaited IPO, below the surface was the lurking issue of the mobile market. In its filing, Facebook reported that 425 million active users (about half of their user base) visited Facebook via a mobile device in December 2011. Yet Facebook said, “We currently do not […]

Affiliate Industry 2012 Preview: Anthony Clements and Kevin Edwards of buy.at

The affiliate industry in the UK is strongly positioned. Since cost per acquisition became the common currency a few years ago we’ve seen the emergence of what I’d call affiliate “brands,” a handful of spectacularly successful affiliates who are driving our industry mainstream. This is obviously a positive development as it means we stand to take a greater slice of advertisers’ online marketing budgets, but it also brings challenges, first and foremost in the area of transparency.

Spring Comes Early Online: 3 Marketing Trends Bloom in 2012

Taken in combination, these three major market shifts will make 2012 significant as the starting point of a fundamentally different time for online marketing. From this point forward, online advertising will dominate, social e-commerce will emerge as not only viable but preferable, and the mobile platform will be commonly accepted and utilized for advertising. Online marketers who know how to take advantage of these areas will be in a position to flourish.

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Affiliate Industry Preview: Affiliate Summit’s Shawn Collins

There is such a hunger for information on the local level by so many folks who don’t have the time or money to make a trip to a conference. It’s been fun to see the meetups help some people break into the industry and others mature their affiliate marketing efforts. I’d love to see the meetups expand to more cities and countries, and maybe even have a series of mega-meetups in various cities where we do a day of workshops.

Affiliate Industry Preview: Todd Crawford of Impact Radius

Impact Radius’ primary goal for 2012 is to continue to develop our products: Generation, Foundation, Attribution, Coalition, Origination, and the Marketplace. We have a great product roadmap and will continue to bring new and innovative features to market in 2012.

Affiliate Industry Preview: Google Affiliate Network’s Dan Greene

This past year, the affiliate industry at large saw continued growth and development. Macroeconomic and social trends continue to drive consumers online, making discounts, coupons, and savings-based sites more popular than ever. For a quick and simple look at this trend, just enter any coupon-related keyword into Google Trends. Consumers are looking to save money on all of their purchases, driving growth in our industry in a variety of ways. Retailers continue to invest deeply in the affiliate channel, growing their affiliate programs even more. I’m excited about this space and see a lot of innovations on the horizon for the entire industry!

Affiliate Industry Preview: LinkShare’s Yaz Iida

Yaz Iida

We’re still seeing innovative business models and new sites all the time and it’s that innovation that makes the industry exciting. There are great opportunities for all types of publishers to earn commissions from a wide range of advertisers who are embracing the performance marketing model by investing more in the channel each year. I think as an industry we have to do a better job of proving the incremental value of the channel and that’s something that we’re looking at very closely at LinkShare.

What Online Marketers Can Learn from CES 2012

The annual International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, better known as CES, just wrapped up. It attracted some 140,000 attendees despite the fact that Apple was conspicuously absent. It is tempting to say CES is nothing more than a venue for gadget one-upmanship, but analyzing the product introductions can give us a sense of […]

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Cashing Out: Week of December 26th – 31st 2011 in Online Marketing News

Under pressure, GoDaddy changes stance on SOPA What a difference a few days makes. Last week, ReveNews reported on GoDaddy’s change of stance regarding SOPA, following a warning that Cheezburger would move its domains away from GoDaddy if the company didn’t withdraw its support for the controversial bill. But even so, the domain registrar “is […]