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“Last in” Affiliate Attribution Needs a Second Look

One of the hottest marketing topics in 2013 is attribution, or which marketing channel (or channels) gets credit for a single sale.  Attention to attribution is skyrocketing in marketing organizations, because in many companies reporting has been set up so that every channel claims 100% of the final sale, even when their efforts were only […]

Why Applying Best Practices May Sabotage Your Social Media Goals

Is cutting-and-pasting social media “best practices” the path toward better, tangible results?  Or should we instead use good, proven processes that “work” — applying them within our context to create more sales and happier customers?  Let’s take a quick, critical look at why chasing best practices might be a waste of valuable time. The whole […]

For Consumers Free Ride On The Web May Be Over Soon

For a long time, consumers have been getting a free ride on the Web. The vast majority of Web-based information and services are available at no cost. Consumers probably don’t even think about the fact that they pay nothing to get the search capabilities of Google, the video serving capabilities of YouTube, the social networking […]

Will Commercializing Facebook Change Its Character?

You remember the Facebook from the early days of 2010, don’t you? It was that innocent social network that let friends connect with each other and make new friends. Turns out that memory may be fading fast as Facebook re-engineers itself to be a commercial powerhouse. Social media has grown up and this year it […]

In-Game Ads Grow Up And Show Signs Of Market Value

Remember when in-game mobile ads were the rage? If not, let me jog your memory. Just two years ago, mobile in-game advertising had some market wins including “RadioShack Sees 8.4 % Brand Awareness Increase” and “Jeep claims brand-awareness lift from mobile games ad campaign”. The implementation types included mobile game pre-roll, interstitial, and post-roll, where […]

The Real Power of “Like”

It was only in April that Facebook introduced the seemingly innocent “Like” button. But now the real power of “Like” is becoming clear. It didn’t take very long for online marketers to figure out that the real meaning of “Like” from the perspective of the consumer: “I’m a target for a particular brand or product.” […]

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Interactive Kiosks Give Retailers A Digital Edge

In a previous post, I talked about such programs as CVS “Extra Care” points, which promote customer loyalty. CVS and other retailers are using websites, on-site kiosks, and mobile apps, along with barcoding technology, to try to keep customers engaged and coming back to their stores. But now, some product marketers are using digital technology […]

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Social News Organizations: How Search and Social Media Are Changing the News Business (part 1)

In this six part series, we’ll explore how search, social media, and mobile apps have all been used successfully by publishers to maximize their distribution and revenue opportunities. We’ll also look at how newspapers can follow these examples and evolve to become less like newspapers and more like Social News Organizations (SNOs). Newspapers remain an […]

Strategic Digital Marketing is Now Mainstream

It had to happen sooner or later. Marketers first dabbled in the online world and then, seeing its huge potential, began to move more and more marketing dollars to the Internet. Now, according to a just-published report by consulting firm McKinsey, digital marketing has truly gone mainstream. Marketers are “rethinking their priorities and budgets, and […]

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Are Real Time Ads A Game Changer?

Suppose a prospective customer of yours searches on the web for a category that your product or service is in. Or, maybe the person does a search on one of your direct competitors. Wouldn’t it be nice to know that – and to place an ad for your product right then? That possibility is now […]