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Virtual goods insanity: I’ll buy that for $330,000

While there’s a ton of hype about micropayments and their role in virtual goods, many economic trends don’t really sink in until there’s a high-profile success story that people can dream about. It doesn’t matter that less than 10 percent make any serious money, since it’s easier to buy the dream of riches than to […]

Top 10 Must See Interactive Sessions at SXSW 2010

Believe it or not there is more to SXSW than the parties. Although from chatter on Twitter it’s often hard to tell. With SXSW kicking off this week I’m sure most of you have planned which parties to attend but maybe haven’t looked at the session schedule quite yet. So before you get lost in […]

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ThisNext Picks Up Stylehive

It can be said that Jason Calacanis picks ventures that grow, even if he often doesn’t know what they do. Social shopping company ThisNext is no exception. Calacanis, who currently serves on their board and was an early financial backer, but still doesn’t seem to know that affiliate marketing is one of their monetization methods. […]

Google Goggles: The World is Your Hyperlink

Search experts are coming away from Google’s Search Event, held on December 7th in Mountain View, CA, with two words on their lips: “exciting” and “scary.” Both words aptly describe the most buzz-worthy new product to be unveiled at the event: Google Goggles. In classic Google fashion, there is a friendly video overview of Google […]

ROI on Virtual Worlds, MMOs and Twitter

David Lewis recently played an interesting prank on Jeff Molander. Industry veterans know these type of pranks have been going on since the inception of the affiliate marketing industry and they can even turn into learning experiences. His prank and post prompted me to revisit Jeff’s Twitter account and his blog. In short- the tweets […]

Affiliate Data Feed Delivery via HTTP

I was updating and expanding my affiliate product data feeds and APIs resources at Cumbrowski.com, in particular the resources to the product feeds and store builder feature provided by the PepperJam affiliate network, which was launched about one year ago. I liked what I saw overall, although some items were, in my opinion a great […]

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Connectivity Equals Brand Ambassadors

In an era when we’re all interacting with the world through our gadgets, be they mobile devices or GPS systems, our relationship with information and each another is drastically changing. The old media model of one-way broadcast communication has morphed into an intergalactic web of cross pollinating ideas, opinions, and information. The ubiquitous availability of […]

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New Media – New Conditions Require New Policies and Rules

I mentioned to several people at Blog World Expo in Las Vegas, the story of what happened to me to illustrate that the social media space is still the unknown frontier for most people out there. The folks, who are working and playing at the edge, sometimes do not realize how far out they actually […]

Coalitions Formed to Fight NebuAd

As more people learn about the tactics of NebuAd, more groups come out against them and they are organizing. ClickZ is reporting that six advocacy groups have formed a loose coalition to fight NebuAd. The groups so far are: Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC), the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), the Center for Democracy and Technology […]

Opinion: Shift Happens

What are Affiliates? It is hard to get concensus on that. In my eyes affilites are “meta-thinkers” who are often dissatisfied with the status quo. Affiliates are all about finding “digital independence” and they do this by naturally pushing the envelope. Tactics vary but the internal make-up, the essence, is often the same. Quick and […]