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Zoomii, Virtual Book Browsing and Chariots

I am participating in the Association of Virtual Worlds, a new collaboration between 3D social and business explorers. The new organization has surpassed 2,000 members in only three months. As part of my research into 3D worlds I found a new site, Zoomii that offers a taste of what 3D browsing and Web Services can […]

Revolution and Steam Punk Penguins

Are The Affiliate Walls Crumbling? Jeff Molander thinks so in his latest piece and I must disagree, although I think drop shipping holds promise. The walls of affiliate marketing are not “crumbling”, but the boundaries are shifting. This shift is happening for several reasons and I will note a few: Retailers have mastered trench affiliate […]

Why Sprockets Will Change Advertising on the Internet Forever

Haven’t heard of this truly intelligent data-mining agent? Well, if you don’t start planning your strategy for this hot emerging technology now, you may miss the most personalized marketing opportunity yet. Get the latest word on the buzz here. Being a blogger who is well connected has it’s benefits. I just finished an in-depth interview […]

Green Eggs and Sam Harrelson

It is that time again…somehow I end up writing about “that time again”. Often I forget to give thanks to those around me. The people who inspire in little and big ways. I decided I wanted to support “wholesome things” and I wanted to support Sam. I remember the April Fool’s joke…yet I look around […]

Adventures of the Stainless Steel Rats: Next Gen Marketing

Wayne Porter and Sam Harrelson discuss exactly what “next-gen” marketing means with practical examples, ideas and implementations. MP3 File The podcast runs about 90 minutes and we discuss Wayne’s conception of Next Gen marketing and possible futures of online and affiliate marketing.

Parasites | Ecosystems | Diversity Ecology

Digging Deep into to the Summit & When the Sleeper Wakes I have spent the last few days, off the grid, recuperating from the “controversial” Affiliate Summit” in Las Vegas. Ironically, I found no controversy over the issues. Overall I think any critical marketer finds spam, “spyware” and the like- a real problem. Sometimes, depending […]

Marketing Education and Social Collisions

I was on Twitter, looking at followers that I had not been following. (Note on Twitter they are followers, on Facebook they are friends.) I came across Steli Efti, Supercool Principal and this take on our education system and to be bold and let go. Action taken- RSS feed assimilated. Twitter reciprocation. Steli is now […]

Think Big

I was wrong. Initially after the Jason Calacanis keynote, I immediately started defending affiliate marketing in my own head and in my writings by invoking minutiae details about the good things and people involved in affiliate marketing and the things that I saw as hypocritical in the Mahalo platform or Jason’s practices on the web. […]

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Mobile Search Shocking

Will it blow away search from the desktop in the years to come? (Depends on what you count as the desktop too.) Apple Insider: “The world is changing. Users want an internet without fences. They know how to type in Google.com if they want to get to it,” he said. “Two years ago the operators […]

Content That Does Not Recurse…

often cannot be measured, let alone seen. We can only measure some of the after images. Many messages are never heard because they do not rebound back or recurse to the media in a plain or readable format…nor can the impact be measured accurately due to hidden impediments. No other commentary from me. This is […]