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Marketing to Second Screen Viewers


Television viewing is in the midst of a rejuvenated golden era, with 2012 Nielsen figures showing that viewers are watching more TV than ever, an average of about 34 hours a week. The modern twist on this trend is the increasing presence of the second screen, diverting eyes and fingers for the entire duration of […]

Day 1 of AM Days: Insights You Can Put to Work Today

Go For It

At the conclusion of the first day of Affiliate Management Days, I would submit that it was singularly the most educational day I’ve spent at a conference in quite some time. Starting with Tim Ash’s (SiteTuners) entertaining opening keynote, highlighting why you should really spend more resources worrying about affiliate link landing pages than you […]

Affiliate Industry Preview: ShareASale’s Brian Littleton

Bottom line, Illinois legislators were sold a bill of goods and are starting to notice that they didn’t get what they were sold. So yes, I do think we’ve seen the worst in Illinois, and are still seeing it. I am hopeful that we can rebound from here and build the affiliate marketing industry back up to where it was in Illinois.

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Kicking off the 2012 Affiliate Industry Preview Series

The beginning of a new year always signals an opportunity to create new growth and positive change. With the economy signaling a recovery and the increasing expansion of the digital world offline, 2012 holds a lot of promise. This year I’m happy to say that a wider array of industry experts participated than ever before […]

Top 10 Affiliate Marketing Predictions: What to Look for in 2012

Predicting 2012

I’ve been watching very closely the trends in eCommerce and affiliate marketing and have put together my predictions for what we’ll see in 2012 and beyond. 1. Affiliate Marketing 3.0 is Born As 2011 came to a close, we saw a record in the number of cross-platform and cross-channel sales that defined eCommerce last year. […]

Pay-Per-Call Programs: We’re Not Just Talking Clicks Anymore

A little over a year ago, I wrote about my getting started with pay-per-call in the article Pay-Per-Call Programs from the Trenches. At the time, many of performance marketing networks I work with were jumping on board and offering pay-per-call programs. I must admit, I was a bit skeptical at first, and at the beginning […]

Milo vs. Google vs. Affiliates, Let the Coupon War Begin!

No one understands the coupon space better than affiliates. Couponing has in many ways been the bread and butter for the affiliate industry for years. Despite this, coupon affiliates have always had one big issue in promoting big box merchants: what to do about those that offer online ordering with offline pickups. Often the merchants […]

Pay-Per-Call Programs from the Trenches

Affiliate networks have all be jumping on the Pay-Per-Call bandwagon using RingRevenue’s pay-per-call tracking platform.  Currently I have seen programs for Commission Junction, Google Affiliate Network, LinkShare and ShareASale. What are the advantages of pay-per-call? The ability for companies to compensate partners for sales calls. The ability for consultative or high ticket purchase companies to […]

Affiliate Commission-Per-Call?

Could Affiliate commissions per phone call generated be a reality soon? RingRevenue recently completed a $3.5 Million round of series A financing and has partnered with Commission Junction to offer this service to CJ Advertisers. “Pay-per-call marketing represents an enormous opportunity because 90% of the $300 billion a year U.S. advertising market is still offline,” […]

Affiliate Taxation – Time to Fight Back

Unless you have been living under a rock, you are aware of California (and other) states efforts to copy New York and collect sales tax on affiliate initiated transactions. Collection of sales tax is important, and states are right to be concerned about taxes that are owed to them and not being collected.  But this […]