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Why Connecting With the Consumer Is Fashionable

It’s the fall fashion season – the time when designers in the fashion industry strut their new stuff at worldwide runway shows so retail buyers can place orders for the next season. It isn’t something online marketers would normally care much about. But this season is very different. For the first time, reports the New […]

Five Marketing Lessons You Can Learn From 5 Hour Energy Drink

Did you know that 4.6 Million bottles of the 5 Hour Energy Drink are sold each week in the USA alone? According to The New York Times, Bill Pecoriello, chief executive of Consumer Edge Research, estimated that energy shot sales could reach $700 million this year, nearly double last year’s $370 million. Today, 5-Hour Energy accounts for about 80 percent of the rapidly expanding market.

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Disney To Use Playdom Acquisition To Redefine Social Games And Crush Zynga

Rather than build their way into social gaming, Disney opted to acquire Playdom who is the creator of Mobsters, the #1 game on MySpace, and a lesser player on Facebook. It’s an easy move to second guess and say that Disney should have bought a larger social network game company. While that was indeed an […]

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Interactive Kiosks Give Retailers A Digital Edge

In a previous post, I talked about such programs as CVS “Extra Care” points, which promote customer loyalty. CVS and other retailers are using websites, on-site kiosks, and mobile apps, along with barcoding technology, to try to keep customers engaged and coming back to their stores. But now, some product marketers are using digital technology […]

Online Privacy Concerns Spread To Europe

The controversy surrounding a potential online privacy bill which attempts to partially regulate the use of behavioral targeting has not yet abated in the U.S. and it is now spreading to Europe. A few days ago, the Office of Fair Trading (OFT) in London published a market study of behavioral advertising, saying that “more could […]

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Retailers Look For Loyalty On The Go

As the old adage goes the more things change the more they stay the same. If you look around right now, you’ll notice a new emphasis being placed on brand loyalty programs. These programs are nothing new, but suddenly, marketers are using them to make informed decisions about their most loyal customers. As just one […]

Facebook Credits And Jealousy At Platform Games

In my last article, I discussed the dynamics of Facebook and Zynga and one reader was astute enough to catch on to the money talk that would be the crux of this topic.  As a quick refresher, Facebook already gets a piece of the revenue pie when Zynga and other social games advertise on Facebook, […]

Facebook vs. Social Game Companies: The Fight For Game $$ Via Credits

Recently I’ve been hearing some low-level buzz over plans by Facebook to dip into the revenue stream of the social gaming companies feeding off its network. This follows close on the heels of Zynga’s estimated valuation of $5 billon in an article by Second Shares. I don’t have any desire to partake in rumor mongering; […]

What Online Marketers Can Learn from the Postal Service

As someone who cut his teeth on direct mail, and built a direct marketing agency around it, I get just a little emotional when I see what’s happening to the U.S. Postal Service. In February 2010, a month with only 28 days, the Postal Service chalked up a net loss of more than $610 million. […]

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Dropping March Madness Paywall Pays Off Big for CBS

CBS has turned one of the premier multi-day sports events into a destination purchase for Internet advertisers. The NCAA men’s basketball tournament, which tips off later this week, has brought in millions in online ad sales. Ad Age reports that CBS has sold out its online inventory for $37 million, a number 20 percent higher […]