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Build Your Marketing Playbook with Super Bowl Tactics

Each year, the hype surrounding the Super Bowl seems to reach a crescendo well before the actual game. One of the more unusual aspects of the big game is the fact that the ads are watched with almost as much interest as the game itself. The reason for this phenomenon is simple: The Super Bowl […]

Affiliate Industry Preview: Google Affiliate Network’s Dan Greene

This past year, the affiliate industry at large saw continued growth and development. Macroeconomic and social trends continue to drive consumers online, making discounts, coupons, and savings-based sites more popular than ever. For a quick and simple look at this trend, just enter any coupon-related keyword into Google Trends. Consumers are looking to save money on all of their purchases, driving growth in our industry in a variety of ways. Retailers continue to invest deeply in the affiliate channel, growing their affiliate programs even more. I’m excited about this space and see a lot of innovations on the horizon for the entire industry!

What Consumers Want—Channel Preference Matters for Marketers

Changing Channels

In a recent post, I talked about the “Consumer Decision Journey,” a fresh perspective on how consumers evaluate and make purchase decisions, developed by the consulting firm, McKinsey. McKinsey was addressing the fact that consumer behavior is changing, and with it, marketers need to change their thinking from a simple process of lead qualification to […]

Twitter Gets a Facelift – Does It Stand Out or Blend In?


Last week, Twitter unveiled some new features that, notably, made their debut on the iPhone and Droid platform, clearly acknowledging the increasing mobility of social media. Analysts and experts immediately launched a flurry of favorable and not so favorable commentary that appeared in articles with such titles as “Why Twitter is Becoming More Like Facebook,” […]

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Daily Deals Go DEALER-CHIC

I’ve written my share of negative posts about daily deals, including this one about “deals dying a slow death.” I still believe there is an over-abundance of Groupon look-alikes and that a shakeout will occur. That seems all the more likely now that Groupon has gone public, generating some $700 million after raising the size […]

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Google Toys With Ad Placements Before the Holidays

Leave it to Google to make big sweeping changes just prior to the major holiday shopping season. Not only did they announce 10 algorithm changes, which includes an update that will affect one-third of their queries by adding real-time search, but they also made a major design change to how they will present paid search listings. […]

Want To Reach A Multicultural Market? Get To know Your Audience

When it comes to having successful online and offline advertising, it is important to collect thorough varied data. In my experience I’ve often seen businesses make the mistake of taking the easy way out and attempting to implement a one-size-fits-all approach towards marketing. In affiliate marketing, it is essential to do research since banner ads, […]

Cloud Based Advertising And Social Media, The New Advertising Medium

The intersection of social media and cloud technology is producing a fundamental shift in the nature of online advertising. It used to be that marketers created online ads that were designed to get a clickthrough to a company website, or maybe a specially created microsite, for a particular campaign. The problem was, with the dramatic […]

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ZMOT Offers Lessons, Insight From Google

These are heady times for Google. Hard to believe the company is over ten years old (it was founded in 1998), primarily because of its ability to re-invent itself and its blistering growth. The word on Google’s most recent earnings report was summed up in this statement by Claire Cain Miller of the New York […]

Why Gary Vee Should Champion Social Media Evolution, Not Revolution

Wildly successful as both an entrepreneur and author, Gary Vaynerchuk (popularly known as“Gary Vee the wine guy”) is known for creating WineLibrary.tv and writing Crush It: Why Now is the Time to Cash in on Your Passion. Like so many other people, I love him, but with his latest book, The Thank You Economy, Gary […]