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Closed Networks Are Better For Content Marketing

Content marketing requires leads. You probably rely on your website to capture leads, and it’s proving to be hard work. Whether you’re generating organic or paid traffic, marketing methods aren’t self-sustaining – you’ve got to maintain a high level of activity to get results. Even when you have leads, content marketing strategies require rigorous action, […]

4 High-Tech Tools to Protect Your Home Office

Pound out some emails and spreadsheets while working in your pajamas or from your lounge chair poolside while working on your tan. Indeed, it’s no secret working from home comes with a lot of freedom and flexibility. But it also comes with the responsibility of keeping your home office as secure as possible to keep […]

Should You Specialize in One Online Marketplace or All of Them?

Online marketplaces have taken over the internet. There are now dozens, if not hundreds of options for businesses (from one-man operations to major corporations) to list and sell products online, including headliners like eBay, Amazon, and Etsy. To marketers, each of these is an opportunity to acheive higher visibility and reach a new segment of […]

A Guide to Changing Website Host from Shared to VPS Hosting

E-commerce and web hosting have both come a long way since the early days of the web. The original technologies that gave birth to the asynchronous, page-based architecture of the web formed a capable foundation for some truly innovative and powerful services that now make it possible to launch a business in record time. But […]

Influencer Marketing Tips and Tricks for Businesses

Every expert in internet marketing will tell you that creating a strong online presence requires you to engage with the major industry influencers. If you have ever bought Instagram followers, Twitter followers or Facebook fans, then you certainly know that it brings you no traction and has no significant effect on your core business. You […]

10 Tools Marketers Can Use for Better Results

Marketing isn’t an exact science. Often, it’s more trial and error to see what works for consumers. But it’s not all guesswork. In fact, marketers can use several tools to take out much of the guesswork. Here are a few of the best. 1. DialPad for Collaboration Among Team Members Staying on the same page […]

How Storytelling in Marketing Generates Happy Endings

Think back to when you were a kid. Did you love having your parents read you bedtime stories? Do you have fond memories of crowding around grandma while she read a few tales from her collection? There’s an important lesson to be learned here: People love stories. There are many different languages in the world, […]

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Businesses Are Losing $4 Trillion Due to Abandoned Shopping Carts – But Here’s What You Can Do

Can you imagine what grocery store parking lots would look like with $4 trillion worth of food abandoned in shopping carts? It’d be messier than an Interstate highway on The Walking Dead. But that’s exactly the scenario in the digital eCommerce space, according to a Business Intelligence report which found upwards of $4 trillion in […]

3 Ways to Market Luxury Products via Mass Appeal

Marketing luxury products and services online brings with it it’s own set of challenges. While part of luxury’s value proposition is the exclusivity it offers, that exclusivity doesn’t always align well with the inclusive nature of the modern online ecosystem. I mean, sure, social media and SEO allow us to identify and target users based […]

What You Need to Know About Search & Beacons for Your Marketing Plan

As the leader of a small business, you want to take advantage of the opportunities that technology gives you, but it is overwhelming to stay on top of new trends. Your best bet is to start small and take actions that are less time-intensive but offer significant rewards. For example, improve your search marketing and […]